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Guirenniao garment industry in trouble mergers and transformation of physical capital flows thousands of thousands of hot columns on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my guirenniao trapped in industry mergers and acquisitions restructuring Sports Weekly Times reporter Shi Lu from Shanghai guirenniao no longer is a traditional clothing enterprises, meet it is by air the vigorous development of the sports industry. As of June this year, the acquisition and holding of Hubei jiezhixing Sports Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "jiezhixing"), guirenniao further deep in the sports industry. Jiezhixing main sporting goods, elegant birds on its holdings, undoubtedly enhance the sports industry in the downstream of the right to speak. In the sports industry in the middle, guirenniao already shares espn. ESPN is currently planning landing A shares wildly beating gongs and drums. Almost in the acquisition of jiezhixing and guirenniao shares announced with ESPN, Greenwoods Investment Co sponsored the creation and management of sports industry fund "domain of capital". In the sports industry from the rapid pace of layout, guirenniao. Acquisition of Jie’s trip less than 3 months, in September 3rd, they invested $382 million 500 thousand acquisition of Xiamen shoe warehouse of the equity of 51%. The latter is Xiamen electricity supplier footwear big brother, both marriage, causing concern in the industry. Guirenniao behind the embrace of sports, the latter has become popular in capital market. The output value of a huge space to attract capital industry valuation way rush on like a swarm of hornets. Mergers and acquisitions this year, guirenniao around the sports industry has told many stories, which happened in the past will not. This is due to the State Council in 2014 46. The document clearly puts forward a development goal: by 2025, the total size of the sports industry more than 5 trillion yuan. This is undoubtedly the investment in the sports industry to release a clear policy signal. Policy support is brought to the sports industry speculation capital. According to die Zeit reporter incomplete statistics, there have been more than 40 listed companies in the sports industry layout, which, housing prices and the highest enthusiasm BAT, and these companies are not associated with the main business and sports. In contrast, the garment for guirenniao is and the sports industry is closely related to the industry. Strictly speaking, guirenniao is regarded as the sports goods enterprises, but because of the property industry, the industry in the downstream. "We want to do is the first domestic sports industry companies, the development of a variety of sports, will be derived from all levels of various types of games. These events will turn out to be the source of media content." President Chen Yizai referred to guirenniao conference. The transition from a sporting goods company to the sports industry first, guirenniao this year the capital operation time. To the three quarter of this year, there has been a major merger and acquisition events of the 3. At the beginning of June this year, guirenniao announced that part will be invested 383 million yuan transferee Hubei jiezhixing equity and its capital. After the completion of the transaction, guirenniao jiezhixing will hold 50.01% of the shares, becoming its controlling shareholder. Jie’s trip is the main business status at this stage相关的主题文章: