Guangzhou Gang monopoly counterfeit famous brand daily necessities involving 250 thousand yuan

Guangzhou Gang monopoly counterfeit famous brand commodity involving 250 thousand yuan (correspondent: Shi Guihong Zhiqun Mo Joey Leung) recently, Guangzhou Yuexiu police suspected of selling counterfeit famous brand commodity case in "hurricane 2016" special action cracked, destroyed storage and selling dens 6, captured 12 suspects and seized fake treasure, x x China brand shampoo, shower gel, soap and other daily necessities group, involving the value of about 250 thousand yuan. Yuexiu police recently received a report from the masses, said the discovery of a hidden in the road of a food market suspected of selling counterfeit shampoo products stalls. After receiving the report, Yuexiu police set up a task force to investigate the clues. The police collected evidence of the crime of the stall operators Ma suspected of selling counterfeit trademark goods, counterfeit products and found the supply of goods to provide a target line. Gradually, a lawless supply chain suspected of selling counterfeit brands of daily necessities surfaced. In October 18th, the Yuexiu police launched a unified action to close the net, the task force corps division, the main suspect in a plaza near Ma Tak Road and Baiyun District, arresting some 12 people, 6 dens and involved in the two regions in China and seized fake treasure x x brand commodity group. At present, Ma and other 3 major suspects have been criminal detention by the Yuexiu police according to law, the case is under further investigation.

广州一团伙专卖假冒知名品牌日用品 涉案25万元(通讯员:施桂鸿 莫志群 梁荣忠)近日,广州越秀警方在“飓风2016”专项行动中侦破一起涉嫌售卖假冒知名品牌日用品案件,捣毁售假储存窝点6个,抓获涉案嫌疑人12人,查获假冒宝x、x华品牌洗发水、沐浴露及香皂等日用品一批,涉案价值约合人民币25万元。越秀警方日前接到群众举报,称发现一个隐藏在一德路某食品交易市场的涉嫌销售假冒沐浴露产品的档口。接报后,越秀警方成立专案组对该线索展开侦查。办案民警收集了该档口经营者马某涉嫌销售假冒注册商标商品的犯罪证据,并发现了提供假冒产品货源给马某的上线目标。渐渐,一个涉嫌销售假冒知名品牌日用品的不法供应链浮出水面。10月18日,越秀警方开展统一收网行动,专案组兵分多路,在一德路和白云区某广场附近抓获涉案的主要嫌疑人马某等12人,并在两个地区涉及的6个窝点中查获假冒宝x和x华品牌日用品一批。目前,马某等3名主要犯罪嫌疑人已被越秀警方依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦办中。相关的主题文章: