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Guangxi tour up the National Day Golden Week personal experience tour has become the highlight of contemporary life newspaper reporter Miao Li last day part of the area is still Yourenruzhi 7 day is the last day of the National Day holiday, foreign tourists have long-term return, some tourists take this holiday on the last day of the peak to the play area. In some scenic tourists. Such as Nanning Qingxiu mountain scenic area day tourists 12 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 64.78%; Wuzhou City Arcade – Longmu Temple scenic tourists 32 thousand and 900 passengers, an increase of 6.13%; Beihai Silver Beach tourist area of 12 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 19.63%; Longsheng Dragon Ridge Terrace Scenic tourists 9 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 3.73%. Characteristic tourism is a highlight of this National Day holiday. It’s seasonal and regional characteristics. The golden terraced fields in Longsheng autumn is a typical tourist attraction for tourists to Guangxi. Therefore, on the 7 day of national day, the tourist activities in Longsheng terraced fields are unusually hot. From 2-5, the occupancy rates of Longsheng star rated hotels, non star accommodation facilities and rural non star accommodation facilities are very high, up to 90%. National Day tourism, have to be mentioned in the Shuanglong gully scenic area. The area is Guangxi’s first glass suspension bridge has attracted many tourists, although 1 on the opening day for wasps sting Events temporarily shut down, but the tickets were all sold in October 7th, the attraction features very attractive. At the same time, Yangshuo, Jinxiu, Bama, Sanjiang and other special counties, the National Day holiday tourist reception rate is very high. Diverse visitors pay more attention to the inner experience of the tour with the group, driving, take the high-speed rail travel, in the National Day holiday has become the city people in the District, Nanning provinces, main way of travel abroad. However, every citizen chooses the way of traveling according to his own specific circumstances. Different ways of traveling also reflect more and more people pay more attention to the mental attitude of the inner experience. 广西特色游旺了国庆黄金周 个人体验游成为亮点   当代生活报记者 苗丽   最后一天   部分景区依然游人如织   7日是国庆长假最后一天,外地长线游客都已返程,一些游客趁此假期的最后一天错峰去景区游玩。区内部分景区游人如织。如南宁市青秀山风景旅游区当天接待游客1.24万人次,同比增长64.78%;梧州骑楼城—龙母庙景区接待游客3.29万人次,同比增长6.13%;北海银滩旅游区接待游客1.28万人次,同比增长19.63%;龙胜的龙脊梯田景区接待游客0.92万人次,同比增长3.73%。   特色旅游   是这个国庆假期一大亮点   论时令和地域特色,龙胜秋天金色的梯田,就是游客到广西进行特色旅游的典型景区。所以,国庆7天长假里,龙胜梯田景区旅游活动异常火爆,从2-5日,龙胜星级饭店及非星级住宿设施、乡村非星级住宿设施客房出租率都非常高,高达90%以上。   国庆特色旅游,不得不提的还有融水双龙沟景区。该景区作为广西首座玻璃悬索桥吸引了众多游客,虽然1日开放当日因马蜂蜇人事件而临时关闭,但门票都卖到10月7日,可见该景点特色非常吸引人。与此同时,阳朔、金秀、巴马、三江等特色县,这个国庆长假旅游接待率都非常高。   方式多样   游客更注重内心体验感   跟团游、自驾游、坐高铁自助游,在这个国庆长假里成为邕城市民区内、跨省、出国游的主要方式。不过,每个市民都是根据自己的具体情况来选择出游方式。不同的出游方式也折射出越来越多的市民更注重内心体验的旅游心态。相关的主题文章: