Gold and silver gold bull unable to suppress short news on the bottom demonophobia

News: gold and silver long gold bull unable to suppress short dip again, clients view the latest market decadent, which bears more secure to rely on, gradually breaking down, although the road twists and turns a little, but walking is very stable, on Monday after a small positive income line, originally expected on Tuesday also take high and then fall, however, the market weakness don’t give too much opportunity to rebound, sub city opened at $1322.70 an ounce after a brief rise, recorded an intraday high of $1325.20 an ounce and then fell slightly after consolidation. The European market continues decline trend, the long and short tug, gold signs of accelerated decline. The beauty of gold after a brief rebound failed, in Fisher’s hawkish remarks stimulus, diving market, gold prices plummeted, recorded an intraday low of $1308.9 an ounce after a slight rebound, to close at $1310.2 an ounce. Affected by the night time plunge yesterday, the daily recorded slightly under the shadow of the big Yin, price breakdown brin rail support under the lowest dropping to $1309, the average period to maintain a short order, MACD wire Sicha continue, green column volume, stochastic kinetic energy has been formed Sicha attenuation, slight departure from the trend of K, the daily bears do not chase empty. 4 hours, the continuous decline of Yin Yin, multiple K arrangement shows weak, good morning to stabilize rebound recorded Yang column, and this before a potential negative column formed engulfed, short-term moving average has improved, short cycle index Guaitou on peatlands, need to support 4 hours to see a rebound. The overnight hours along brin rail running down, short-term trends tend to bear, near the morning before the opening in 1310 to support the in and out of the obvious rebound trend, but also can basically determine continue to put in order to adjust the trend. But he is not optimistic about the short time Mo zhe Powei 1310 support 1310 support, after all, is not a day for two days by the formation of the position, and hit 1309 again after a rebound out yesterday, but if the white plate has dropped below 1310, then the market trend will be relatively large, below 1300, or is a lower point. At present to support the 1310 shocks, the top 1318 concerns of repression, mainly because of the daily level, average 5 days to run down and suppress the trend, gold also has been stepping on the brin rail running down, typical pressing down trend, the simple point that is, above the 5 day moving average to suppress go down, if one day from the 5 day moving average of repression, then began to rebound. ADP data this evening, destined to follow the market is not too large, short interval can focus on 1308~1318, operating around 1310 more than a single approach, stop 1306, target for the first time on 1315 suppression, followed by 1318-20; above the first short point to wait for 1318-20 line is safe, if the evening ADP data bullish trend, exceeded 1322, can fall more than a single operation to near 1320, stop 1315, target 1327-1329; below single point can be hung near the integer points more than a single, the initial test will rebound. News analysis: fed vice chairman Fisher on Tuesday to accept bloomberg.相关的主题文章: