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Go to Xiamen for business or travel, you can not miss this hotel – Sohu said Xiamen tourism, the thought of war city. Maybe a lot of friends, like me, think of a few days before the Mid Autumn Festival typhoon, the coastal city in the storm lost the original beautiful color, she was injured. (photo: Xiamen Shu people) but I believe that the industrious and brave people of Xiamen, will be through their hands, and then repair a beautiful home. (source: Network) beautiful Xiamen | Phoenix Flower City beauty Jun stack before the typhoon comes to Xiamen on business and tourism, deeply feel the beautiful scenery of the city cultural city. Clean the environment of the city, the blue sky, sitting on the windowsill looking out of the window of the city must People are hurrying to and fro., a strong sense of happiness. (source: Xiamen Shu) Crowne Plaza Hotel Paragon Xiamen this trip, choose to stay in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Paragon Xiamen, because here is located in Xiamen island the geometric center, whether it is to go where is more convenient. Distance from the island moving station (XiaMen Railway Station) only 8 minutes away from the airport, convention and Exhibition Center, South Putuo, Gulangyu Islet pier, Oriental golf, Xiangan subsea tunnel, etc. within less than 20 minutes by car. Luxury fashion shops in a shop everything to sit in the garden square, enjoying the unique marine style architecture and Sunken Garden Plaza design have great originality; feeling of a cup of coffee to go one day tired, a delicacy bring good mood all day; listen to the band often Qin song sings. The hotel is located in the center line, here is the new landmark of Fujian and Haixi rare vacation paradise and the city. International luxury brand GUCCI, BOTTEGA VENETA, BURBERRY gathered in the center of a famous fashion; light luxury brand MK, Coach, MCM and Boehner theater, supermarkets and other imported products in the integration center two. The hotel lobby through the square garden restaurant, not only has the largest outdoor area also has a variety of classic Starbucks, such as Xu Liushan, delicacy, Hagendasi, Spoon, Kota ‘s pub, rod John, olive Greek food etc.. The surrounding include many cuisines, with new creative dishes as the representative of the "feast case", as well as Fujian snacks, seafood restaurants etc.. The Starbucks coffee shop near the hotel is the first choice in Xiamen, which offers a range of coffee. Warmly welcome to the hotel door, just show the utmost solicitude, a middle-aged man wearing a suit of passion and enthusiasm to meet me, and I suddenly feel very cordial greetings, and first impression of the hotel are often from the door of that moment start. From the lobby decoration, or a simple greeting, will make people relax, as if to go home. Later, the hotel attendant quietly said to me, to open the door to me is the general manager of the hotel, he always likes to meet the guests at the door. Into the hotel lobby, delicate flowers and furnishings, it is very warm, for the place to stay in not far away, the hotel lobby connected business center, so it seems more lively. Warm and comfortable guest相关的主题文章: