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Health Most people think that its impossible to get rid of age spots but contrary to what they think, it is now possible to get rid of those unsightly spots without having to do cryotheraphy or laser treatment. By making use of the best age spot removers, you can easily remove those unsightly marks and make your skin reveal a much younger and healthier glow. Too much exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of age spots. Age spots occur when your skin produces more melanin than the usual as a reaction to the damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation. Aside from UV radiation that is considered to be the main culprit in having age spots, oxidative stress also contributes to the formation of age spots. Oxidative stress happens because of the free radicals within your body. So, if you want to remove your age spots, you should choose an age spot remover that does not only protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays, but can also fight against the free radicals found in your body. There are a lot of age spot creams available in the market today but you have to be extra careful when you buy these products. Some actually contain a lot of artificial chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. So, it is highly re.mended that you avoid those kinds of products and go for the ones that contain organic ingredients which do not contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. Ill share to you here in this article some of the most effective natural substances that should be found in the age spot remover that youll be using. There are some natural substances that are highly re.mended by skin experts because of their effectiveness in removing age spots. Nutgrass root extract is one of them. It can function as a very good age spot remover and can also be used to lighten up your .plexion significantly. This extract can also prevent much melanin production by up to 40 percent. Shea butter is also another widely-known natural moisturizer that can make your skin softer and lighter. Aside from these substances, antioxidants like nano-lipobelle H EQ10 and vitamin E can also be very good in preventing age spots as they can be used to fight the free radicals that can damage your skin. Try to choose an age spot remover that contains a .bination of all these natural substances mentioned above in the right proportions and for sure you can get rid of those unsightly spots youre having right now and have younger and fairer skin at the same time. Removing age spots is not that difficult nowadays but if you can prevent them to appear is still much better. Avoid too much exposure to the sun. Try to follow a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables. But if age spots still appear though how much you tried to prevent them, just have those age spot removers re.mended above to make your skin fairer and younger looking for a long time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: