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The G20 summit in Hangzhou to release China six economy policy signals — energy — people.com.cn original title: G20 summit in Hangzhou, the release of the new society of the six policy signals China economy in Hangzhou in September 6, as the host of global governance, China scheme provided in the G20 summit in Hangzhou has attracted much attention, and G20 parties has become an important window of Chinese economic observation society. From the speech of Chinese President Xi Jinping to a number of senior financial officials, the release of a series of policy signals will allow the parties to the Chinese economy is expected to be more stable. To promote the "Belt and Road Initiative: focus on shared interests in 2016 of the group of twenty Summit (B20) Xi Jinping said at the opening ceremony, he proposed the" The Belt and Road "initiative, aimed at the same China along the national development opportunities, achieve common prosperity. During the summit, he and Russian President Putin, President El of Turkey’s heads of state meeting, also will be The Belt and Road "as an important issue. "The Belt and Road" bonus in infrastructure construction is especially evident. Asian investment bank governor Jin Liqun said the investment bank board of directors in June approved the first batch of 4 infrastructure project loans, respectively, from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, total loans of $500 million. Multilateral development bank joint financing infrastructure projects or will become the norm in the future. On September 5th, after the closing of the eleventh summit of the group of twenty leaders, President Xi Jinping met with Chinese and foreign journalists at the Hangzhou International Expo center. China News Agency reporter Du Yang photo capacity to make snap: speaking will do as a yinggutou supply side reforms, China to capacity arduous task. The national development and Reform Commission, as of the end of July, coal production capacity to complete the task of 38% steel, 47%. Xi Jinping said that China is the largest in terms of capacity, the most practical initiatives, said it would do. This means that the next step, China will take various measures to push force capacity. Chinese Vice Minister of finance Zhu Guangyao said that China is gradually promoting the establishment of a national bankruptcy court, which is an important means to resolve overcapacity in accordance with the law. Foreign investment Deregulation: to create open new heights of the meeting, Xi Jinping proposed the construction of an open world economy to global governance, expand the space for development "policy recommendations, and Chinese also lead to relax foreign investment access. Chinese days ago through the draft amendments to the three methods of foreign investment, the implementation of the entry of foreign investment in the country within the scope of the former national treatment plus the negative list management model. Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said that this is a major change in China’s foreign investment management system is to enhance the environment for foreign investment, promote investment facilitation of a specific performance. Expansion of SDR products: to promote the internationalization of the RMB a year ago, China’s central bank to implement the RMB exchange rate reform. Xi Jinping said that in an orderly manner to carry out market-oriented reform of the RMB exchange rate, and gradually open up the domestic capital market, while China will continue to promote the RMB go out, improve the level of internationalization of the financial industry. The summit, the world bank in Chinese successfully issued the first Renminbi denominated SDR (SDR) bonds, issue size of 500 million SDR)相关的主题文章: