Fuzhou property market night change some volume cliff fell 50%-beself

Fuzhou property market "night change" some volume cliff fell 50% today the news, estimated will stimulate a lot of people nervous! Zhang Zhang buffer under the first: October 6th evening, the introduction of the property market in Fuzhou limit the purchase of new loans, so that the market unprepared. It is said that many before the purchase of Fuzhou house, developers, second-hand housing intermediary had tears collapse… Say: eat soil. His season is coming! For a time, developers, intermediary circle of friends has become such a: Fuzhou property after the new deal, the property market data a week? National Day golden week, Fuzhou property market ushered in a new round of tightening regulation tide. 6, 2009, Fuzhou restart the purchase, and from the implementation of the 7. The new deal did not leave any buffer to the market, the Fuzhou property market "night change", five second-hand housing transactions fell cliff style. Yesterday, Southeast Express (micro-blog) reporter from the Fuzhou real estate intermediary understands that the national day, the Fuzhou market is relatively bleak, turnover decreased by 50%, since the second half of this year turnover fell 3 to 5. Relevant person in charge told reporters in real estate, before the introduction of the new deal, most of the landlord prices artificially high, after the introduction of the policy, with the larger market price contrast, so that they do not adapt to the rhythm of the market, low volume. The implementation of the new deal, but also limits the number of buyers to buy a house qualification, which is one of the reasons for the decline in turnover." The responsible person said that the current market should be a relatively stable state, buyers are more rational, after a period of time, when buyers and buyers both adapt to the rhythm of the market, trading volume will start to rise. 2 of buyers are in wait-and-see state into 3 buyers is limited to purchase "after the implementation of the new deal, most buyers think the market will fluctuate, 2 of buyers are in a wait state, they think the price will fall into 3 buyers is limited to purchase. At present, the basic real estate personnel in dealing with the past owe a single." Li Fuzhou, general manager of real estate Guo Hua Dong told reporters soon, compared to 7 in August, the popular market, this month the state relatively bleak, the market downturn will likely continue for about a month. The market began to cool property buyers become rational at this stage will last for 3 months to half a year also, shuang’an real estate chairman Zheng Aixin also believes that, according to past experience, the introduction of the new deal, the market will start to cool, consumers are more rational, this phase will last for 3 months to half a year, then the market price will begin to return to reason. Prior to the high prices, and even some landlords began to sell second-hand housing prices rose too much, leading to panic buyers, began buying. Here, a lot of small partners in Fuzhou asked: the above said that some of the second-hand housing transactions, and prices vary in different regions is certainly not the same, just go down, it is difficult to estimate it? Fuzhou Yishoufang prices will fall? When is it down? The East is not fast enough to say, but you can look at some of the other places: Suzhou house prices, October 10th news: Suzhou, some local prices fell 9 thousand days? After some people come out to clarify that this is a system problem, reports said: according to the Suzhou Municipal Housing Bureau to provide the data, from October 2nd to the 22 thousand yuan fell to 6 square meters, 13 thousand yuan square meters..相关的主题文章: