From the beginning of ordinary cosmetics exempt from excise tax high-end cosmetics tax rate d beself

Tomorrow the ordinary cosmetics consumption tax exempt   "cosmetic" rates down to 15%– finance — September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Di) reporter today informed that since October 1, 2016, China will cancel the consumption tax levied on ordinary cosmetics and high-end cosmetics rate adjusted to 15%. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on the issue of special adjustment on the consumption tax policy notice, said that in order to guide rational consumption, approved by the State Council, the cosmetics consumption tax adjustment. Starting tomorrow, beauty, cosmetic modification will be exempted from the consumption tax, at the same time, the "cosmetics" tax name as "high-end cosmetics". The scope of the collection includes high-end beauty, modified cosmetics, high-grade skin care cosmetics and cosmetics. Tax rate adjusted to 15%.   it is understood that the high-end beauty, cosmetic modification and high-end skin care cosmetics refers to the production (import) sales price (tax payment) (excluding VAT) in 10 ml (g) or 15 yuan tablet (Zhang) and more beauty, cosmetic modification and skin care cosmetic products. (commissioning editor Yang Di and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: