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From south to North in.  a dress in hand, do not worry about the season — fashion — original title: from south to north. Wear a skirt in hand, the season no worries about the recent major fashion week ended, in addition to the fashion elements we can foresee the next year, it is the best time see many gardeners in autumn and winter fashion trendsetter. In a public street is found in a single product appearance rate is unusually high, is — pleated dress. In fact, in the summer when the skirt is a hot single product, but is short, with the rules of fold is simply youthful cute skirt and a pronoun. Just a simple T and a pair of sneaker to the street, and is full of girls breath, what a woman does not love the girl heart? Click to play GIF 575K in the autumn and winter, during the boom is still not receded, but the changes in length, from thigh to Knee Skirt pleated skirt. During the extended version of the more diverse properties, not only confined to the girl, but has a more likely collocation. Let Xiaobian to sing "the song" skirt ~ learning how to use a pleated skirt to deal with different seasonal weather test temperature: 28 ~ -32 DEG C when it is called to fall, but look at the recent Guangdong weather forecast, can only silently sigh, deep into one should not buy the autumn?" Helpless, the recent hot sweater, jacket what seems with no chance, want to buy to buy the first force to irrepressible ~ fortunately see pleated skirt! With it, when the weather is more than and 30 degrees, not afraid, take exercise bra you often suffering oppression, a pair of shoes with a birkenstock Street flavor of the flat hat, right. Of course, in bra street is a bold thing, put on the T-shirt probably is much easier. For example, the PINK dress, red skirt exudes a unique luster, with simple powder T, fashionable effortless. Another demonstration of the same color from the Russian Miroslava Duma is important for ladies, color layering grasp. The upper part of the sleeveless nude and T shoes at the foot of the same color echoes, and cortex and keep the bag pleated skirt with color, another set of LOOK ladies temperament is so tempered, Miroslava Duma with a Pleated Dress modeled on red plaid coat, with a handbag to keep the tone, are routine ah ~ ~ no routine learning seriously face also never mind, a common rock stamp T super harmony. With the point of teaching before careful machine everyone, the sleeves rolled up like trousers as ok. Want to add more commuter sense, a hand pleated skirt shirt collocation up just fine. The designer of the Beckham is to go and workplace fan children, in addition to a simple white shirt, a high heels also have a lot of extra points, did not feel the aura… The same color is very easy to wear a high level, but the premise is to have a level of just perfect collocation, simple method is in a single product under Kung Fu).相关的主题文章: