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Foreign media attention: a hunter hunting China mistress mistress 500 thousand Reference News Network reported on September 11th French media said, according to the latest available figures from the Ministry of civil affairs, 2015 China crude divorce rate from 1.59 in 2007 soared to 2.8 per thousand per thousand, far higher than in europe. The divorce rate is 1.9 per thousand, while Italy is only 0.9 per thousand. According to a survey of online dating sites, at least one of the first marriages in China has derailed. According to Agence France-Presse reported on September 8th, when Ms. Wang found her husband had derailed a few years later, she chose to appeal to China’s mistress Hunter elite team. Reported that Ms. Wang did not want a divorce, because it may undermine their social and economic status. She hired a professional to win the trust of his lover, then persuaded her over with her husband’s affair. In the "mistress Hunter" after the intervention ended this long affair in 2 months. Ms. Wang said she paid for the service of 400 thousand to 500 thousand yuan. She said: "I think the value of this price, I am very satisfied." Now, she is thinking of becoming a mistress hunter". "I can help other women protect their families and their rights," she explained." Ms. Wang hired the company has 59 offices in the country to provide free legal advice and seminars. The founder of the company, Shuxin, said he had 300 "mistresses" hunters". "My purpose is to stop the divorce," said Shuxin, at its upscale headquarters in Beijing. We can save about 5000 couples each year." Reported that mistress Hunter mostly women, but also psychology, sociology or law graduates. Before being sent to the battlefield, they often spend 3 years disguised as neighbors, cleaners and even nanny to find out the way. The 47 year old Li (sound) have been in the business for 3 years. She said: "I’m older than the mistress hunters, so they listen to me." She said: "if the mistress to go to the park, supermarket or work, I will encounter with her. Even if she is the type of home, I can excuse her for her help." She said: "we always have a way to get close to them." She said: "once, I disguised as a fortune teller, there is a mistress let me show her. Of course, I have from her lover’s wife went to her hand, so it is easy to make her dizzy, and then I persuaded her to leave my client’s husband. This is one of the fastest to complete the case we handled." Reported that China’s crude divorce rate continues to rise. Beijing Yingke Law Firm divorce lawyer Zhu Ruilei (sound) said: "what is the reason? Moral freedom, the contradiction between the income gap caused by the couple, as well as personality differences. But there is a point that people’s desire to pursue their own dreams is stronger than ever." According to a survey of online dating sites, at least one of the first marriages in China has derailed. The survey found that more than 21% of the first husband had a mistress, first wife 20%. 8相关的主题文章: