Forecast 16244th decimal lottery 3D continues to open Sohu brock lesnar

Forecast 16244th: decimal lottery 3D continues to open Sohu Fucai 3D 2016243rd lottery number: 446, three groups of morphology, size ratio of 1:2, parity ratio of 0:3, and the value of 14, a span of 2. 3D2016244 lottery experts predict number: No. the temperature did not open the temperature code, number of omission from the analysis of the trend, 2016244 stage temperature slightly covering note code. Distribution of quality: the ratio of the last phase of the quality of the number is 0:3, the number of changes in the scope of the analysis of the region, the next phase of the proportion of the distribution of concerns about the combination of 1:2. 012 circuit analysis: 243 period in Sanyushu was 110, compared with the previous period, 1 numerical analysis of rebound, nearly 30 times the number to the next period, excluding the 0 road number can be considered. Mean recommendation: nearly three period average out of 7-6-5, the recent high frequency of small mean 0-2 range, the next phase of the missing value can be concerned about the value of the average of more than 6. Size distribution: the last out of two small and one large number combination, 4 out of two, a small value next continue to open more likely, Danma recommended 013.相关的主题文章: