For the first time, I capture an asteroid that threatens the earth-4000dy

For the first time, I capture the threat of the earth’s asteroids – Science and technology – People’s original title: I first captured the threat of Earth Asteroids in the evening of September 7th, a potential threat to the asteroid 2009ES near the site. The picture shows the researchers at the Xuyi Observatory of the Purple Mountain Observatory to check the operation of the near earth astronomical telescope. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xiang Xinhua news agency in Nanjing on 8 September, (reporter Cai Yugao Jiang Fang) the evening of 7, with Asia’s largest "earth sentry" said the 1.2 m-diameter Neos telescope, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Xuyi Observatory researchers first observed asteroid 2009ES. The asteroid is one of the world’s most threatened near Earth Asteroids by the International Astronomical community. Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences chief researcher at the Purple Mountain Observatory near the astronomical telescope missions to an asteroid Zhao Haibin received international joint observation organization "task", with the potential risk of the earth’s near Earth Asteroid 2009ES in September 5th in place, want to choose the following observation. The asteroid survey network information display, 2009ES 150 meters in diameter, 470 meters, from the nearest to the earth is about 18.8 times the distance of the moon (lunar distance of 380 thousand km), these two indicators are belong to the "dangerous" range. More special is that the orbit of Mars orbit and the distance of 2009ES recently when only 0.0012 astronomical units (180 thousand km), susceptible to gravitational perturbation and Mars orbit may be farther away from the earth and may also directly into the earth." Zhao Haibin said that some of the planets are no signs of an asteroid incident, often because of the gravity of Mars or Jupiter perturbation. Located in Xuyi station of Purple Mountain Observatory 1.2 m Schmidt telescope near earth objects, occupies an important seat in the asteroid observation equipment, observation data for two consecutive years ranked top five in the world, first in asia. 7 evening, the earth sentinel once again show power. "Earth sentry" to capture the black-and-white images of star, in the eyes of ordinary people is rather boring, but observers as treasure as careful study. "Found!" Suddenly, Zhao Haibin jumped up from his seat!" Pointing to the picture on the track, the central computer across the small bar Zhao Haibin said: "this guy ran very fast." It is understood that the 2009ES is in the state of Arizona Levin Mengshan survey project found in 2009. Previously, the world has 8 stations have observed it, and the evening of 7 is the first time the Chinese astronomers to trace this dangerous". With the increase of observation data, observation personnel through the picture the positions of the stars to each pixel of the image position, accurate positioning to get the 2009ES. Due to the distance from the earth, it is very fast movement, running 27 seconds per second. Zhao Haibin said: according to our calculations, and the position of the previous prediction is very good, this table tomorrow’s literary circles on the asteroid orbit accuracy has been mastered high." Next, research相关的主题文章: