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Focus on the "double" of Chinese "Chinese opportunity" hopes – Beijing, China News Agency, Tianjin, August 29 (reporter Tian Qi Liu Jiayu) "in the" overseas fair "the biggest gain is met some and I have the same dream, and willing to strive to achieve the dream of young people." 29, to attend the eighth session of Chinese? Tianjin overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (referred to as the "overseas fair") of the Chinese chowhound network head Chen Si, the China News Agency reporter talked about his feelings of participants. On the same day, to innovation and entrepreneurship, deepen cooperation, sharing development as the theme of the overseas Chinese Association will end. In the past 4 days, Tianjin chamber of Commerce? World Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Qiao Bo"), Jin Chao youth hit off forum, cooperation matchmaking, tours and other activities have been held, and the influx of overseas Chinese from 48 countries and regions to participate in the discussion, "Wanqiao innovation", to explore opportunities in transition. In 2013, Chen Chouzhun behind "Internet plus" opportunities, resignation of entrepreneurship, opened up China chowhound network, e-commerce. From the "buddy" housing mortgage in entrepreneurship, to this website the valuation of $150 million, Chen Sijin spent 3 years. In the "overseas fair" Jin Chao youth hit off the forum, Mr. Chen and his "China chowhound net" made "projects". After the meeting, Chen Si said that the current China is in economic restructuring and adjustment of industrial structure in the process of overseas Chinese businessmen, especially the younger generation, mostly have a good educational background and vision, should seize the opportunity, in the "innovation" of the tide, to realize their value of life. Ji Dezhen, chairman of Malaysia foreign exchange global investment group led more than and 20 companies to participate in the current overseas Chinese expo. The trip to Tianjin, they not only brought the bird’s nest, white coffee show Malaysia special food, also brought a healthy sleep instrument and other high-tech products. Ji Dezhen on the transformation of China opportunities full of expectations. She said that the majority of overseas Chinese is rich in resources, intellectual resources and professional relationships, the chamber of Commerce has obvious advantages in innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship, both for the new overseas investment opportunities, but also to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese enterprises. Tianjin overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Fang Jingbiao in an interview with News Agency reporters said that in January 2016, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office launched the "Chinese Wanqiao innovation action", aims to provide a full service chain for the chamber of Commerce and overseas Chinese professionals to participate in national economy development. In order to further stimulate the overseas Chinese to Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to better serve the Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship, Tianjin overseas Chinese Affairs, before the introduction of the opinions of Wanqiao innovative action". According to the opinions, to 2020, the city and strive to introduce overseas Chinese high-end professionals 3000 people, the establishment of 20 overseas Chinese innovation base; the overseas dream garden chamber of Commerce industrial areas to build a core carrier Wanqiao of innovation and entrepreneurship. (end)相关的主题文章: