Five illegal quarries in Bayan county were shut down without any formalities-kairui

Bayan County five illegal quarry was shut down without any formalities kept hidden newspaper news (reporter Gao Hongfei) the day before, received a report of Harbin safety supervision department, said Bayan County Shaoling mountain there are many quarries, without any formalities, at night to steal production, there are security risks. The safety supervision department of Harbin by nearly two weeks, hit Bayan County shut down 5 illegal quarry production. The investigation, Bayan County, West Town Mountain Shaoling a total of 5 quarries, respectively Zhijun quarry, Changfeng first quarry, Jetion quarry, Xing Ji quarry quarry and prosperity. And Zhijun quarry is divided into 4 mining areas, Changfeng first quarry is divided into 3 mining areas, which belong to different mine owners. These mines are mixed up on a mountain, the land is not clear, and each is in his own affairs, and the scene is very chaotic. The assault inspection found that there were 2 mining areas with blasting holes, 4 mining areas with crushed stone piles, and a car shipped to the outside. After inspection, the Zhijun quarry has no mining license without a security permit, and the other 4 have a mining permit, without a security permit. The law enforcement officers carried out investigation and evidence collection for each mine respectively, and interviewed all mine owners, demanded that they immediately withdraw their workers, stop all production activities, and write guarantees. To prevent these quarries secretly production behavior, law enforcement personnel to take the following measures: first of all is the quarry were sealed electrical treatment; two is chained to all stone machine moving parts mechanical lock; the three is sent by the Bayan County mountain to die to defend.

巴彦县五家非法采石场被关停 无任何手续存隐患   本报讯 (记者高宏菲)日前,哈市安监部门接到举报,称巴彦县少陵山存在多处采石场,没有任何手续,晚上偷着生产,存在安全隐患。哈市安监部门利用近两周的时间,打击关停了巴彦县5家非法生产采石场。   经查,巴彦县西集镇少陵山共有5家采石场,分别是志军采石场、长丰第一采石场、吉星采石场、兴集采石场和繁荣采石场。而志军采石场又分4个采矿区,长丰第一采石场分3个矿区,分属不同矿主。这些矿混杂在一个山上,地界不清,又各自为政,现场十分混乱。突击检查发现,有2个矿区有打炮孔现象,有4个矿区有碎石料堆,并有车往外运送石料。经查验,志军采石场无采矿许可证也无安全许可证,其余4家均有采矿许可证,而无安全许可证。执法人员分别对各矿进行了调查取证,并约谈了各矿主,要求其立即撤出作业人员,停止一切生产活动,并写出保证。   为防止这些石场偷偷生产的行为,执法人员采取了以下措施:一是对所有石场进行了封电处理;二是用铁链将所有碎石机机械转动部位锁死;三是由巴彦县派专人上山死看死守。相关的主题文章: