First Time Buyers Win With Jeff

Interviewer: Hi, I am Kathy Soltero with Metro Brokers TV, and today we have in the studio with us Jeff Alexander with Alexander Pro Realty. Thank you so much for coming in. Jeff Alexander: Thanks for having me. Interviewer: You bet, former Bronco, we are so privileged to have you with us as part our Metro Brokers team, tell me about yourself and your business? Jeff Alexander: Well thank you, I have played with the Broncos and that’s how I was able to come out to Colorado and that was in ’88, and I was with them ‘88, ‘89, and in ‘90 I was out of football and ‘91 I went over to Europe and played with a team called the London Monarchs in ‘91 and ’92, and ‘92 I finished up with the Broncos and that was my last year professional football. I started in real estate in ‘93 and full time in ‘96 and I am still in the business. So business, even though it might not be as good as I like it to be, I’m still, I am still here so. Interviewer: You are “rocking and rolling” with it. Jeff Alexander: Business must be okay Interviewer: That’s right, that’s good and so you’ve been in the business since ‘93 what would you tell me are your expertise areas, what sort of things you like to do the best? Jeff Alexander: I like to deal with first time homebuyers, and that’s, that’s basically my business. When I started in the business, I was kind of more focused into it by doing that. I was focusing in with them starting off in a home and then moving up to a larger home as their family grows, and that has worked out pretty well for me, because right now most of my business, if not all of my business is dealing with referrals. Interviewer: Okay, and what areas or town are you working in mostly? Jeff Alexander: I’m working in the Denver area, the Aurora south area. I am one of the old realtors, so if they call from another area, I will drive, I go out to others areas like Parker, Castle Rock and I sell homes there, but basically I sell in the Denver metro areas as well as in Aurora. Interviewer: What organizations are you part of that may be help do your real estate that sort of thing? Jeff Alexander: Well, do we have enough time I am quite busy, well but some of the organizations I do participate in is the Montbello Falcons Football Club where I have been a coach for the last, past five years. We play in the Arapahoe League, and I am a part of Daniel Chappie James Military Lodge # 27. I am the Worshipful Master this year, so I am very proud of that. I attend the True Light Baptist Church and they have been wonderful as far as business is concerned, and then being a former Bronco we do have the alumni association and a lot of the past Broncos have used me in transactions before. Interviewer: That’s awesome, well congratulations for sticking through it all with real estate for so long, because I mean when you started it, it was picking up and then we’ve gone backwards again too so? Jeff Alexander: When I started, those were the good years. I like to say the mark was slowly, gradually moving up, people were able to get in and buy. And they really were able to do transaction between the seller as well as the buyer without having to go to the bank with short sales now. So the market has changed over the years but fortunately I have been able to change with the market and be able to stay with the market. Interviewer: All right Jeff, tell us about your website, real quick so people know where to get a hold of you. Jeff Alexander: My website is Alexander Pro Realty. Interviewer: Okay, Jeff thank you so much, so interesting to talk to you and hear about your career and now your next life right. Jeff Alexander: Yes thank you so much. Interviewer: In real estate and for more real estate related videos like this one, be sure to tune into Metro Brokers TV. About the Author: Metro Brokers: Providing the Framework, Structure, Brand and Freedom for Real Estate Brokers to work Professionally, Efficiently and Profitably. Metro Brokers, Inc. has been Colorado’s leader in real estate, technology and services, for more than 30 years, offering independent real estate professionals a framework to succeed. Our network of nearly 2,000 highly experienced real estate professionals specialize in residential, commercial and investment properties and have access to ground breaking technologies, continuing education courses, and innovative marketing that help buyers and sellers make the most of their real estate transactions. Unlike most other real estate companies Metro Brokers, Inc. is actually owned and operated by its brok Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: