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Feel the same way: find "instant friend without yourself" as an animation house. We are always accompanied by solitude. Though most of the time, anime can keep going on like this, but occasionally it realizes that he is lonely without friends. In September 22nd, Japan announced the result of "5 moments of feeling that you had no friends". Everyone had a sudden feeling of being very lonely, although it was not bullied by anyone, and did not be deliberately rejected. But in the classroom, the students were caught up in a hot group, and the feeling was very obvious only when they were sitting quietly on their seats. This time, the Japanese media released the findings of College Students’ feeling of "no friends": 1., when we were chatting together, we couldn’t catch up. "When you can’t put it in, you feel repelled." "It’s time to disagree with them." "When they don’t listen to me," 2. friends who play together are rarely "even if they want to go out and play, but they don’t have an easy to talk to." "There is little time to be invited." "If a friend doesn’t take a vacation, there’s no one else." 3. when there was no reservation, "there was a sudden feeling of loneliness when there was no scheduled travel." "Friends are fully enjoying the summer vacation, but their leisure is very empty." "The itinerary is very empty." 4. "there is no way to insert between two people, feeling a strong sense of alienation." "Sitting on the two hot chat in front of the car, the driver did not go back to see behind, nor to the front passenger seat only talk to the driver. Not to look at the feeling of alienation." 5. when looking at social networking sites, "it’s fun to see those who push Terry every day." "Twitter’s contacts are almost no one." "Look at the time when those people are playing together." In addition, there are other popular comments: "friends who have been playing very well are not at the time when nobody else." "When a man eats." "WeChat (line) has no information for two weeks." "There are a lot of people in the community, but no one speaks to me." What do the guys think about? Who have had this time, WeChat and QQ have no one to talk, see Post Bar post talk fiery, micro-blog did not pay attention to several objects…… The modern society, the convenience of the increase of tools will also bring harm, perhaps people gradually do not know how to communicate in real life. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works