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"Love" set file Xiao Qiang He Gang staged the Virgo constellation love Wars – "love" entertainment Sohu Xiao Qiang praised He Gang Sohu Virgo culinary entertainment news recently, by the Beijing pig hem culture media Co., Xiamen Polytron Technologies Inc, Shanghai Sen Yu cultural dissemination Co. Ltd., Shanghai fly up cultural development Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Haoyu Star Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced, directed by Liu Guanwei, Xiao Qiang, He Gang, Ma Lo, high CO star constellation love comedy film "love you", officially announced the scheduled October 14th. The first sign of love big Aries Xiao Qiang met the virgin He Gang "love" tear open joy Virgo directed by Hongkong director Liu Guanwei, Xiao Qiang, He Gang, Ma Lo and other popular stars, high CO star. Xiao Qiang played by Liu Xia 3S lady Aries older marriage, and the Millennium single dog Virgo He Gang disguised as a couple; one is sloppy, brutal, strong career a skeleton demon, is hypocritical, narcissistic, obsessive mouth bastard, the Aries woman met virgin male, two people yiyanbuge began to tear the X war, staged a joy out of the goddess Xiao Qiang in the film farce; "Azolla" once again staged lioness’s roar, the upper part of the body, He Gang changed the handsome ugly silk? Male, exciting showdown in the play two very desirable. Love is not right or wrong "materialgirl" Ma Lo for his name as a sign of love theme movie, mate concept must be highlights of the film. Because the bold remarks dubbed the "materialgirl" of Ma Lo, in the movie character in Aquarius female seven leaves, the same careless, outspoken, boy side constantly, "BMW" or "bicycle", "diamond ring" or "ring", Ma Lo cans again sharp interpretation of the concept of love. It is reported that in the film Ma Lo staged a bold show a high heels hit the car, oath for his love that name! Movie "love" officially file Virgo in October 14th, will be officially released in theaters nationwide.   相关的主题文章: