Fall in love with each other why the relationship between apple and Samsung so delicate tinyos

Love to kill: the relationship between Samsung and apple why so contradictory subtle Samsung and apple is not a day for two days, since they become intelligent mobile phone market in the planes began, various battles of two parties have been forced to tear. However, tear torn, apple and Samsung has maintained a very close relationship of cooperation. So, the relationship between love and death is how to form? Two good friends of apple and Samsung have always been fighting for nearly a period of time has been rumored that apple is about to be equipped with OLED iPhone screen, and perhaps even in 2017 we will usher in a curved screen iPhone. Whether it is OLED or curved screen, which means that apple is likely to require the assistance of samsung. Although we know that the traditional iPhone screen supplier is LG, but if you want to OLED or even the surface of the screen, Samsung has the short period of time can not match advantage in productivity. Like iPhone, which has a huge sales volume in the world of smart phones, if you want to ensure that the screen can be stable supply, Samsung’s support is indispensable. Not just the screen, iPhone, iPad these major iOS devices, each of which is a major highlight of the chip, the main supplier is also samsung. Earlier, such as DRAM memory and NAND flash memory chips, Samsung is also the main source of supply. Because Samsung’s strength, early iPhone especially the first generation iPhone, the body of the Samsung manufacturing "is a surprising proportion. At that time, it was the honeymoon period. The sharp contradiction between the time for apple and Samsung, the former and the latter will be widely circulated on the network "clean break", looking for new suppliers, there is no longer any dependence and samsung. But until today, this "break" is not yet complete, still need to provide spare parts for Apple Samsung, Samsung also occasionally play in advertising campaigns, in the dark at once. So, what is the formation of this interesting and delicate situation? Love to kill in the mobile phone market, apple and Samsung’s race is tantamount to mars hit the earth to say apple and Samsung’s struggle, the most talked about of course, is the 2012 war of the century. Back in 2010, Samsung launched the Galaxy S series of mobile phones, apple believes that the new body and there are too many places like iPhone. On the fly as CEO Jobs, heralded the brutal business of war is about to pull the curtain. April 15, 2011, apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung Corp infringement, saying that the latter Galaxy series and other devices to copy the shape of Apple products, technology, UI design and other elements. Soon Samsung Corp also launched a counterattack, in a number of different countries to Apple filed a lawsuit. In the second half of the year, the two companies in the world launched a patent war involving the United States, Germany, Holland, France, Japan, Korea and other countries. Protracted war, and apple and Samsung both sides refused to reach a settlement. Because the contradiction is so fierce, two public.相关的主题文章: