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Fake snow salt into your home Changsha quickly check the original title: "fake snow salt" salt into your home in Yuelu District Changsha fast inspection of salt recently, many viewers have watched, call to reflect, they suspected to buy a fake salt, because the two-dimensional code is the same. Yuelu District Changsha Yang reflect the same number of two-dimensional code to buy salt, today reporters to his home were verified, confirmed Mr. Yang bought the "Snow" is indeed a fake salt salt. Reporters came to the Yang family in Yuelu District, confirmed that Mr. Yang bought 5 bags of "Snow" brand is a fake salt salt. These pseudo salt two-dimensional code number is the same, and the two-dimensional code can not be identified. Mr. Yang to buy fake snow salt from Changsha Yuelu District Lushan South Road, Wangjiawan farmers market in the small supermarket. Subsequently, the reporter went to the supermarket with Yang once again to investigate whether the sale of fake salt. Mr. Yang into the small supermarket, once again bought fake salt. The reporter took the fake salt found in the shops, the boss is away from reporters disappear without a trace. Then the reporter will be reflected to the Changsha salt bureau, salt bureau staff rushed to the scene, the reporter confirmed and Mr. Yang had just bought is fake salt. True salt how to identify? An interview with reporters at the salt bureau logo affixed to the laser two is really the salt bag side really salt without crease three dimensional code really salt per pack two-dimensional code are different are the ordinary people can distinguish between true and fake salt salt? Reporters from the Changsha salt administration respectively took out a pack of salt and a bag of fake salt, to the public for resolution. In fact, experts said, people first can be identified from the packaging of iodized salt! In addition to the laser anti-counterfeit trademark, the public can also distinguish from the side fold packing bag. In addition, two-dimensional code of iodized salt is the only public, in the purchase of edible salt, can also view the two-dimensional code on the packaging bag. If there are more than two packs of edible salt, the existence of the same two-dimensional code, the basic can be judged as fake salt. Subsequently, the staff Changsha city salt administration method of detecting the use of professional, classification of edible salt iodine is tested. Fake salt refers to industrial salt and offscum salt Salt Bureau law enforcement Changsha salt bureau: found doubt can contact the salt bureau, Heilongjiang industrial salt edible salt used as, whether into the Changsha market? Afternoon, the Hunan Provincial Salt Administration and Changsha salt administration law enforcement officers of Gaoqiao market edible salt inventory. Director of Changsha salt administration Liu Shaohua also reminded the public, the best to large supermarkets, shops and salt distribution company retail outlets to buy iodized salt experiment. If you find the case of suspected fake salt, you can call the law enforcement report on food packaging bags. After big investigation reports (television survey) video recommendation: abandoned piggery by manual filling of the two batches of counterfeit salt salt buy don’t eat相关的主题文章: