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Exposure clothing factory child labor, whether justice, according to reports, in Jiangsu, a lot of garment processing plants in Changshou City, the prevalence of illegal use of child labor phenomenon, the youngest 13 years old. These children should work at least 28 days a month, the amount of work tasks every day, do not have to work overtime. Don’t do even cost and basic living expenses are not taken, disobedient and beaten. Illegal child labor was exposed, child labor has been controlled by law workshop foreman, the child was found have been properly placed. The child was rescued by expression of the child in a modern clothing of all, there was a lot of illegal child labor, really stunned. The child, the boss of them beaten freely, to seek to take, with Mr Xia Yan’s poor can "enslaved worker is similar to that of their body, to have a wonderful way to call with the boss." They try to do brick tile, from poverty, into the darkness, squeezed in grew up in. That’s right, people who see the video will be out of anger, and then accused the regulators do not: if the regulatory tentacles can sink into these non-standard small workshops, they also dare to use child labor? May not be so in a flagrant way. Because the boss of the garment factory by way of violence and oppression forced child labor, has been suspected of a variety of crimes, to bear legal responsibility. But, when the media denounced clothing when unscrupulous, workshop boss called for regulators to rescue child, what is the child’s true feelings? The child really is black intermediary to cheat, but they are unannounced visits to the video, several people’s expression is calm and even joking. This is because of numbness, or the feeling that even if the press, can get wages, it is acceptable? The report mentioned, these child labor mainly from the southwest region move into, the intermediary said that the southwest low wages, a worker can get two thousand dollars a month is good, while the eastern region is not the same as ordinary clothing workers can get more. In other words, in Changshu illegal garment factory child labor, can get a good salary. What is the life of a child who wants to live in a remote mountainous area, compared with the life of being abused but who can earn a living?. But in the past there are the same cases for reference. After a group of Liangshan children were repatriated in 2014, some child workers said they were "unlucky."". Because the work always eat out, always better than poverty." The mainstream of society shall do to them may be out of jobs, this is how absurd scene? The so-called tragedy, in their body with a suspicious appearance. In the discussion on the bottom of the wave of tragedy, tragedy of the parties is often silent partner, is the expression of a party, the definition of mainstream social justice and conscience, the rule of law, in them what it means, very few people can think about. The video did not show the child exactly on the job how to feel, from beginning to end, are being squeezed, video sending a child to the external stress impression, child labor exists as a kind of the observed object, rather than a can and should speak of the body. Now the illegal garment factory owner has been controlled, child labor was rescued, but after the rescue?相关的主题文章: