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Expert: Chinese every year because of water loss of 200 billion to 300 billion yuan – Beijing map: Sichuan Guangyuan a reservoir for flood contaminated tens of thousands of pounds of fish death Li Chunguo photo Beijing, September 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) "Chinese every year because of water shortage caused economic losses of 300 billion yuan in 200 billion." 25, 2009, Yang Zhaofei, chairman of the China Association for the promotion of industrial environmental protection, said in Beijing, the current trend of domestic water shortage intensified, protect good water, poor governance, the task is imminent. 25, sponsored by the China Association for the construction of well-off "the Fourth National Symposium on water and national security" and "China’s Green Industry Development Forum" held in Beijing. More than one thousand related fields of politics, business, academic participants, on water pollution control, promote the healthy development of China’s environmental protection issues such as in-depth discussion. At the seminar, participants to Yang Chao introduced water resources per capita is such a set of data — China only the world level of 1/4; 70% of the city water supply shortage; 20% of the city of serious water shortage; every year due to lack of water caused economic losses of 300 billion yuan in 200 billion. "The distribution of water resources in our country is uneven, and the trend of water shortage is more serious." Yang Zhaofei analysts said, facing the current situation, protect good water, poor governance is imperative. And in this regard, the State Council last year issued the "water pollution prevention action plan" proposed a series of clear objectives, including by 2020, the Yangtze River, Pearl River, the Yellow River, Songhua River, Huaihe, Haihe River, Liaohe Basin (seven key water quality at or better than the class III) reached more than 70% of the proportion of the overall national groundwater quality is poor; the proportion of about 15% in the control. Study on the social development national development and Reform Commission Director Yang Yiyong at the forum said that with the expansion of population, per capita water consumption increased, water shortage is becoming more prominent. This problem will affect the social and economic development. As a water shortage country, China should be more in-depth research in the field of water conservation, water reuse. Yang Yiyong is in the same water state of Singapore as an example, said that the country in recent years, with particular emphasis on rainwater recycling, and strive to achieve "a drop of rain water does not flow away in vain", the basic realization of the independent of external water supply, so the experience is worth learning. "A lot of cities in the country on a rainy day to see the sea, then why not think of ways to keep these water?" Yang Yiyong believes that, in contrast, China’s lack of homework to do in this area, it should increase groundwater storage, the development of water reuse, anhydrous industry, desalination and other areas to invest more energy. At the same time, the government, enterprises and citizens should actively participate in building a new water security society. Water is a strategic resource, and national security, the future of mankind is closely related to the importance of water security should be raised to an unprecedented height." Yang Yiyong said. (end)相关的主题文章: