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Expectant mothers why insomnia? How do you do? Sohu – mother some mothers often at night and do not get enough sleep, and sleep is pregnant baby in a very crucial step, do not have good sleep will have many effects on the body, so the mother why insomnia? Prospective mother insomnia how to do? Expectant mothers why insomnia? In the early stages of pregnancy, many women of pregnancy hormones will appear fatigue, no interest in doing things, go to sleep all day, not to mention the spirit, recurrent vomiting, affect her sleep. In late 1 due to weight increase of 2 have increased uterine compression of the bladder will lead to more frequent urination in 3 fetuses of the fetal 4 near the production at the time, pregnant mother’s mental certainly may be more nervous, more anxiety, mental and psychological pressure is relatively large, especially when no experience after childbirth in the first, there will be tension, worries cause sleep there will be some obstacles. What are the consequences of expectant mothers insomnia? This sleep disorder is more important for mothers, such as high blood pressure, headaches, depression, etc., will destroy her mood. Expectant mothers insomnia how to do? 1 adjust their mentality, relax, can rest during the day, night sleep more sleep, put some soft music, soothing music to calm yourself down, deep breathing, can also eat some foods such as milk, to sleep Spinosae, sesame, millet, lily, jujube etc.. 2 adjust the sleeping position, do not blindly on the left side of the knee, under the knee, under the neck, under the body, pad a cushion, make yourself more comfortable. 3 really serious to see the psychological clinic, because pregnant women, may also have depression.相关的主题文章: