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Expectant mothers have to pay attention to the vigilance of the four errors, although in peacetime, we do not pay attention to the material to buy clothes, only according to preferences. But in different pregnancy, pregnancy dressing can never do, otherwise it will also affect the health of the fetus. Expectant mothers dress must be wary of four mistakes. A misunderstanding: the clothes do in summer or winter, the mother dress must minimize the bound of one’s own body. But also to try to choose breathable breathable clothes, if you buy a chemical fiber material of the clothes, the permeability is not good, but also easy to produce static friction, pregnant mother’s skin and health are very unfavorable. Xiao Bian recommended: pregnancy clothing to comfort based, so the sweat absorbent breathable cotton clothing is the best choice. Is pregnant, quasi mother will often find themselves so frequent urination, a loose body, convenient toilet maternity would be more suitable for oh. Myth two: belt belt looks like a modified figure, but for the fetus, but it will bring some harm oh! Small advice: mothers should choose pants with elastic bands or waist strap, which can be adjusted freely. But not the system is too tight, so as not to increase the uterus cannot increase lordosis, causing pendulous abdomen, cause malposition, dystocia. Myth three: wearing tight jeans some mothers like to wear jeans, even in pregnancy is not willing to give up. But experts suggest that expectant mothers during pregnancy is not recommended to wear jeans. Because it will increase the vulva and abdomen of pregnant women and the friction of the pants. Coupled with a lot of jeans are tight, the fabric is not breathable, so it may cause the female secretions are not easy to discharge, causing vulvitis and vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. Xiao Bian suggested: during pregnancy uterine gradually increased, the inferior vena cava and iliac vein continued oppression, so that lower extremity venous blood flow is not smooth, resulting in lower extremity venous pressure increased. The adverse factors, so that mothers become lower extremity varicose patients. Therefore, you should choose a good ventilation casual pants, so good for pregnant women and fetuses. Myth four: the dark color of the dress has been given a dull feeling, some mothers like dark colors, but it will make the whole person looks very bad spirit, thus affecting their emotions and others. Xiao Bian recommended: pregnancy should maintain a good state of mind, the mother had better choose warm colors of clothing, such as yellow, green, blue and so on, so that people will be a little more youthful, his face will be bright.相关的主题文章: