Exo first person! South Korea’s first public Zhang Yixing solo songs (video)-winlinez

EXO first person! Zhang Yixing and SOLO Zhang Yixing Zhang Yixing’s first public song "what U need? ". Zhang Yixing became the first debut in the Chinese solo EXO member of the Tencent entertainment news on October 7th, EXO Zhang Yixing (LAY, S.M.ENTERTAINMENT spp.) in the birthday will first open SOLO U need song" what "?. Zhang Yixing will be 7 at noon on the 12 (South Korea time) in China and South Korea open what U need? ", and MV will also open and the sound source, is expected to be highly concerned by the music fans. "U need what? "Is a song composed by fashion rhythm and melody rhythm of the middle funky groove pop genre of the song, Zhang Yixing personally involved in songwriting, looking forward to more double. Lyrics contained in the charm of the lovers can not get rid of the mood, the strength of the production team Devine-Channel also involved in the production, eye-catching. In particular, the new song is a special gift for the Chinese SOLO album Zhang Yixing on the occasion of the birthday for fans to open, become a topic. 9, 2009, held in Busan, South Korea, ‘the 2016 Asian Music Festival’ in the first stage of the new song, will get a good response. In addition, Zhang Yixing in the deployment of EXO activities, and through the SM digital single open channel "STATION" discloses personally involved in the lyrics and music arranger SOLO song "monologue", again singing writers face authentication. Plus, Zhang Yixing starred in the Jiangsu satellite TV "Oriental TV" and "Mr. Chiu gate" and other works of the network playback volume exceeded 10 billion, and from China and South Korea launched active in various fields. Zhang Yixing endured the "back" record shows good distressed!相关的主题文章: