Eradication of large hospitals, cattle only by the government can not do-polartec

The elimination of the big hospital "cattle" not only by the government, the   Zhu Dazhi according to reference news network reported that the city of Beijing from the July 2011 opening of the hospital appointment registration platform, more and more people began to use the network or telephone booking. But 5 years later, the night queuing for registration event still exists large hospital hall, also appeared in the stool, bottles, bags and other "double" strange phenomenon of queuing; and in the "double" sit on the floor near, both patients and their families, there are cattle". In fact, not only Beijing, this phenomenon in many large China hospitals in the city, there are different degrees of. Those dealers in advance to buy a good reservation number, and then sell at high prices to earn a lot of money. Some people say that people hate them, but they also need them. Although the parties have been on the cattle to suppress remediation, as long as there is demand, ticket traffickers, dealers have a market. The general regulation for them, can be described as one foot in mind, their own ways to avoid the blow. Of course, the number of large hospitals in the source of the shortage. However, the number of large hospital source why so scarce? Perhaps the biggest factor is that China’s high-quality medical resources are concentrated in large cities in the large hospitals, especially in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities of the public hospitals. So, all over the country to the north of Guangzhou Difficult miscellaneous diseases with "run, not one is hard to find it strange. The causes of this situation are the main point, I am afraid that over the past few decades of medical and health resources allocation, is to follow that a planned economy thinking and implementation measures; while engaged in a dozen years of reform, but due to various factors and is difficult to correct, some places also intensified. These years of health care reform, there is always a misunderstanding, that is, the basic public health protection of public welfare, with the rational allocation of medical resources and institutional mechanisms confused. Some people think that to ensure the public welfare of public health, it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of public hospitals. This kind of thinking and mind may be good, but the actual effect is different. Health care is the welfare provided by the state, but the medical service is a kind of market behavior. To solve the problem of a large hospital is hard to find, by administrative means, is often a press gourd dipper float. Resource allocation by the market, which is a universal knowledge. But why in the medical field, the common sense is often abused, abandoned as trash? It is not the direct medical services provided by the government, but the basic health care. Under the basic protection of citizens, go to the goods than the three choice of medical services, is a kind of market behavior. But now basically no choice, with far and away days went to the big city to see a doctor, but one is hard to find, only "cattle" at the mercy of. The problem is not solved. First, let the capital market to allocate medical resources, rather than continue to be allocated by the government in the name of public health resources. When the quality of resources is no longer concentrated in a number of public hospitals, the number of problems can be solved. At the same time, appropriate to improve the registration fee, but also to ease the source of tension. Third, as the new medical reform program said, "a reasonable charge of pharmaceutical service fee", improve the doctor?相关的主题文章: