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British media: Chinese rural women into the city to learn to do the nanny has become a fashion (original title: British media: China rural women into the city trained in babysitting become a craze) photos from a new network "two child policy" not only so many China couples have a second child, but also make the nanny to take care of the baby has become a popular occupation, income and more than the manager of the company. Nowadays, more and more Chinese rural women are pouring into big cities and receiving training to become professional nannies. Many women with professional minds are being trained in the "aunty University" in Beijing to become qualified nanny. Most of them are migrant workers. The school teaches baby care, early education, housework and other techniques. The 8 – day course will pay $250, which is a big expense for women from the countryside. But after receiving the certificate, their monthly income can be up to 15 thousand yuan, plus free meals and lodging, and even higher than some middle managers in foreign enterprises. Wang Jiaye, in Shanghai, asked a nanny after two children. "The market does not lack a babysitter but a good nanny. Mothers can feel that there is a significant difference between trained and untrained nannies. Wang explained the reasons for the large demand for home nanny in China. "Young people and the old generation are different in the concept of childcare… Young couples do not want to be affected by their parents’ traditional parenting style, rather than pay for them. " Another mother in Shanghai said that many Chinese couples didn’t have enough time to take care of their children, because there were few public nurseries before the age of 3. They need the help of a professional nanny. In addition, the nanny is now regarded as a fashion lifestyle. " According to her observation, well trained nanny is now in short supply in Shanghai.

英媒:中国农村女性涌入城市学做保姆成为热潮 (原标题:英媒:中国农村女性涌入城市受训学做保姆成为热潮)图片自网络新的“二孩政策”不仅使众多中国夫妇纷纷生育二胎,还令照顾婴儿的保姆成了热门职业,收入甚至超过公司经理。如今越来越多中国农村女性涌入大城市,接受培训成为专业保姆。许多具有职业头脑的女性正在北京的“阿姨大学”接受培训,成为有资质保姆。她们大多是农民工。学校教授婴儿看护、早教、家务及其他技术。8天的课程需缴费250美元,这对来自农村的女性而言是一大笔支出。但在拿到证书后,她们的月收入最高能达1.5万元人民币,外加免费食宿,工资甚至高于一些外企中层经理。上海的王佳叶(音)生二孩后请了名保姆,“市场并不缺少保姆,而是缺少好保姆。妈妈们能感受到,受过培训和未经培训的保姆之间存在明显差别。”王解释了住家保姆在中国需求量很大的原因,“年轻人和老一代的育儿观念不同……年轻夫妇不希望受到父母传统育儿方式影响,宁可花钱雇人。”另一名上海妈妈表示,由于中国鲜有针对3岁之前婴儿的公立托儿所,许多职业夫妇没足够时间照顾孩子,“许多年轻人连自己都照顾不好,别提照顾孩子了。他们需要专业保姆帮忙。此外,请保姆如今已被视为一种时尚生活方式。”据她观察,经过良好培训的保姆如今在上海供不应求。相关的主题文章: