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Health To give your life a jump start from old bad habits to a new healthy one, trust the electronic cigarette kit which gives you smoke-free vapor that .es cheap and yet is healthy and danger free. So, what is this e-cig starter kit that claims to be so safe and proper for an adults health? Electronic cigarette or e-cig is the latest miraculous invention that is not just any ordinary smoking substitute. It is not a chewing gum that says it can cure your old habits. It .es in various shapes, like any ordinary cigarette, or a pen, or a thin torch. It is .pletely tobacco free and tar free. The numerous carcinogenic materials, to be specific some 4,000 or more, that are present in analog cigarette are not at all there in e-cig. It .es with the assurance that it gives you tobacco free vaping habit. The last word that might have caught your attention is vaping. I did not use smoking with respect to e-cig, because e-cig does not give out smoke. It gives out vapor. The nicotine in electronic cigarette is dissolved in as many as four other liquids and diluted. The exhaling of the e-liquid thus formed gives out more than 90% of simple water vapor. The nicotine with this vapor is not even a whole 10%. And so, the term vaping has been coined to denote the action of using electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette kit is that package of things that gives you a .plete experience of transformation from tobacco to no-tobacco zone, and in a very cheap price .pared to what you spend for the regular cartons of cigarette. The basic price of starter kit starts from something around $80 and goes up to $200 as well. Price of electronic cigarette kit is a big factor that works for many of us when we decide to shift from cigarette to e-cig. By shifting to e-cig, you dont just save yourself from cancer and cardio-vascular diseases and many such troubles, you also save around $1000 from your bank balance every year. After a detailed description of the price and vapor of e-cig, let me now tell you something more about the whole electronic cigarette kit. The starter kit contains the basic items to help you start the habit. E-cig starter kit has rechargeable batteries, refill cartridges, and battery chargers. Along with these .ponents, the supplementary items keep on varying depending on the price and the model of the e-cig kit. The more affordable ones have one or two batteries that can be charged with the charger given in the package, and with that one or two refill cartridges in the shape of the filter are provided so that you can puff for more time and without hindrance. The starter kit which has a higher price can get you a wall adapter for the charger, a car adapter to help you keep your e-cig recharged even when you are in the car, a home charger set and also an extension cable. Some e-cig brands have .e up with a great idea to help people shift to the healthy habit of vaping e-cig, and it is that these brands give a membership card and a user manual exclusively with the electronic cigarette kit. Those who are buying the individual items are not eligible for these .plementary items. Starter kit of e-cig is an important step towards a healthy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: