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Duofuduo executives busy cash market capitalization doubled   excess capacity, cars blocked the transformation of those encounters — energy — people.com.cn original title: duofuduo executives busy cash market capitalization doubled overcapacity, hindered the transformation of those cars suffered by institutions, hot money speculation relay set "dark horse performance" and "gaosongzhuan" concept in a Henan Jiaozuo duofuduo chemical Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "duofuduo"), related to lithium batteries in the domestic new energy automotive industry to the tropical skyrocketing prices opportunities, net profit also increased synchronization. Not willing to provide the upstream lithium fluoride products, this year is more frequently, a subsidiary of Hongxing auto invest 620 million yuan expansion 1.5G kwh capacity projects at the beginning of this year, the first half of this year duofuduo with 200 million yuan of its own funds to Hongxing auto capital, and started the construction of an annual output of 300 thousand sets of new energy automotive powertrain project. This series of actions directed at the new energy automotive industry chain, is to take from the upstream and downstream industry profit potential. However, insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter analysis pointed out that the fluoride in the pursuit of new energy automotive industry will face the same bonus, or chemical product prices, the supply of excess capacity and new energy industry subsidies callback risk. The supply of saturated earnings base or shaken public information, duofuduo 2016 first half operating income of 1 billion 273 million yuan, an increase of 29.21%; net profit of 250 million yuan, an increase of 2532.78%. Reporter observed, from the beginning of 2015, the main products sold duofuduo six lithium fluoride price remained at 400 thousand yuan a ton high. Thanks to this, the company’s main revenue growth is less than 30%, but net profit has surged by more than 25 times. At the same time, fluoride in fluoride products gross margin as high as 49.56%. Insiders told reporters that six lithium fluoride as the core material for the production of lithium batteries, accounting for about half of the cost of the production of lithium battery electrolyte. The new energy automobile production and sales, resulting in a large increase in demand for the production of lithium battery electrolyte. However, it is worth noting that, from last year’s six fluorine lithium phosphate prices, gross profit margin began to rise, a number of domestic manufacturers of lithium fluoride has started the expansion of the production plan six. The expansion project, such as a material Shida Shenghua and other companies are starting from the beginning of 2015 six fluorine lithium phosphate. Some analysts have pointed out that by 2017 the domestic demand for lithium fluoride six is expected to be about 20 thousand tons. According to the capacity expansion plan disclosure of listed companies duofuduo, a conservative estimate by the end of 2017, the number of Listed Companies in the six lithium fluoride total production capacity will reach 18 thousand tons, close to the demand saturation quantity, the problem of excess production capacity expansion will bring in the future appears, then the price will fall. Market capitalization doubled executives cash holdings data show that in the first half of this year duofuduo performance surge, the highest market value growth of 5 times. In the same period, the company’s performance into the rise of the channel, the company’s actual controller Li Shijiang and a number of executives, but are busy holdings of shares in the company. Duofuduo according to the April 9th announcement, the controlling shareholder of the company Li Shi)相关的主题文章: