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Drop volume! Golden week 20 city property market regulation – Sohu securities market regulation just over, the impact of the policy seems to have immediate. October 1st since the week of Monday, September 26th, covering one or two, three lines of the city has issued a different intensity of the property market regulation and control policies, and more to restart the purchase of credit limit 20. Beijing, Shenzhen, including Nanjing, Hangzhou and other new houses and second-hand housing market net signed volume showed significant decline, the property market cooling trend, the subsequent impact is worth continuing to observe. Founder macro Ren Zeping said, before and after the introduction of the national day of the hot city intensive introduction of severe property market regulation, rapid cooling sales. Determine the small real estate cycle tends to end, this round of rising house prices nearing completion. Pictures from the WeChat public Ze Ze macro on the other hand, some of the purchase of the city focused on signing up the volume of the 54 major cities. Centaline Property Research Center data show that 54 cities in the golden week signed a total of 41 thousand and 800 units, far higher than the previous two years with a total of 23 thousand and 300 sets. In the part of the city signed under the promotion of the overall market turnover rose significantly, but on this basis, including Nanjing, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai City turnover appeared obvious down." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei on twenty-first Century economic reports, see sign from the actual 20, affected by the new city, there is a significant volume reduction, the actual decline to about 40%, and the purchase of the city buyers to abandon the purchase intention of the phenomenon is very common. The second tier city intensive cooling Nanjing: single day subscription to two digits in the sharp decline in the amount of Nanjing golden week once again the introduction of regulatory policies before 5 days, the property market is about more than 100 sets of subscription amount. But in October 5th, after the introduction of the purchase of Nanjing policy, Nanjing online real estate data show that the usual single day subscription volume in 300 sets to the Nanjing between the 500 sets of commercial housing subscription in October 8th is currently only 94 sets. The October 6-7 day, the average daily subscription volume of only 30 sets. Hefei: wait and see mood is strong in the second tier cities or the forefront of Hefei, the local household registration also banned the purchase of third new homes. Anhui Business Daily reported that the new deal has had a real impact on the property market, the National Day every day to showings customers have more than and 10 dial, compared to pre holiday has been reduced, buyers wait and see psychological. Suzhou: October 3rd after the introduction of the new deal, the average transaction price fell sharply since October: Hangzhou daily signed copy of the fall of six new transparent network data show that since October 1st, Hangzhou new signing 16072 (above the blue column block) for six consecutive days of decline. Dongguan: first introduced the purchase of the new deal signed hastily October 6th, Dongguan announced the purchase of the new deal, the October 6th Dongguan turnover of 1385 new residential units, closing an area of 165 thousand and 700 square meters, the average price of 18297.64 yuan per square meter, 16072 seven times in October 5th, and one day a week is August signing contract amount. Daily Economic News reported that 6 days before the purchase of the policy came out, Dongguan net signed data only about 600 sets;相关的主题文章: