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Drive on the road to do the 3 step traffic safety in ten thousand no problem driving this thing pay attention to vehicle maintenance cycle novice drive on the road will always make their own deal, not to the main battlefield of driving, it has been my rush scared. In fact, when the novice driving on the road, and do not worry. Maintain a calm mood, do the preparatory work, the equipment should be checked in place to ensure that the equipment can be used handy. Good grasp of the rhythm of the car, in a variety of circumstances can be calm, slow driving. Pay attention to some details when parking. As long as these three steps are not a problem, I believe that even if you are a novice, in the car on the way, there will not be any problems, then the three steps in detail how to grasp it? Here we have these three steps, some sort of analysis, hoping to help you. What effective preparation should be done before driving? As a novice driver, you should do a good job in front of the route planning, open the map, or ask a few acquaintances to understand the way you want to drive the road, to understand where to pay attention to slow down the line. Where is a single line, where can not be turned. After you have some understanding of the route, it should be on the condition of starting the check before the next step, such as whether there is sufficient tire pressure, brake is easy to use? Does the driver’s seat fit your habits? Does the rearview mirror clean your eyes? Whether the lights can be turned on? If these devices are reliable, you must not ignore them, because this is the cornerstone of your driving safety. In the car, as a novice driver, on the road must pay attention to keep enough distance with other vehicles. To know the general vehicle at one hundred kilometers per hour, the braking distance of about 45 meters. When driving, be sure to remain calm, novice drivers can not be in the car to answer the phone, or to see the phone even if not a glance. Because the novice for the judgment of the road situation is not so precise, for the control of the distance will not be so accurate, remember that the accident may happen in the next second, so be sure to focus on calm. Novice on the road, and the last step, that is parking. When you need to stop, pay attention to the obstacles behind the parking lot. If there is no visual navigation system, it is best to have someone you can command parking, parking must be a novice foot on the brake does not loosen!相关的主题文章: