Driver driving accident to escape police surveillance screenshot more than 10000

The driver drove away the police surveillance screenshot million trace the original title: monitor screenshot million uncovered accident clone car new culture news (reporter Wang Yue) in October 20th 11 pm, Changchun East Expressway north to south to a traffic accident, a car rental and car hit the normal driving off-road vehicles not only did not stop, but accelerated fled the scene. Hit the SUV ran "at that time, my speed of about 70 kilometers per hour, after the car was out of control and knocked at the belt was overturned, due to a sudden incident did not see the vehicle, but my recorder took his car." SUV driver Liu said. According to the police the recorder captured video found the vehicle for the hanging of Kyrgyzstan AY75× × taxi license plate. Police found the car owner Wang, but Wang said he did not crash. "Who’s got my license plate?" Wang Mou said. At the same time, the police also to Wang driving Kyrgyzstan AY75× × taxi plate checked. "According to preliminary survey results, we can exclude Kyrgyzstan AY75× × the accident may apply for the vehicle, judge the license plate of the vehicle." Changchun Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment two brigade accident section chief Wang Zhongqing said. Screenshot million locked the suspect subsequently, the police began to clone car accident from the point of looking for clues, and from the vehicle information Changchun electronic police video screened the taxi plate more than ten thousand. After a large number of pictures than, police found a total of 3 vehicles using the same color spraying taxi license plate, the vehicle inspection mark posted position number and taxi details such as can be distinguished, and the owner Wang driving off one of the two vehicles. In second Wang asked, he admitted that there is a clone car. But the car is not a vehicle. Further investigation of the police learned that Wang had been allowed to apply AY75× × license plate. Police learned that the Han Moumou wife runs a dry cleaning shop through a lot of investigation, through the dry cleaning shop Dunshou finally in October 29th to find, and asked that the clone car by Xu Moumou driving. In November 15th, the police have been locked Xu Moumou after appearing in court, and the accident confessed. According to the traffic police department will be fined 2000 yuan, driving license record 12 points and 15 penalty of detention, suspected by other vehicles Wang will also be subject to legal sanctions. Driver: take chances to escape Xu Moumou said, he took over the Han Moumou the taxi for more than 3 months, although I know this car is a taxi deck, but still have to pay 60 yuan fee to the Han Moumou every day. Cheaper than the package taxi, there is no upfront investment, equivalent to the car in his hand package." Xu Moumou said. The police found in the survey, the frame number of the clone car has been destroyed, because there is no formal trading procedures, the source was handsome相关的主题文章: