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Dream home, looking for a gift left by time – Sohu travel my hometown in Shaanxi, Xi’an, the historical records of the four ancient civilizations. The trip buddy often that I am from Xi’an, always shining eyes of admiration shows between the lines. And I talk to their imagination in Xi’an, to see the sunrise at Huashan climbing experience, sunset on the wall on a bike leisurely, Hua Qing spa really can "wash Ningzhi", the next is really Zhongnanshan Zhong Yang "tomb". Huashan mountain to Xi’an, who had come before, here is the "best Chinese destination", full of expectation and longing; for Xi’an, has been to the people, here is the starting point of historical treasure, full of wonder and shock; for Xi’an, has been busy working for me here. I was born and raised, when the end of the day can Jingxiaxinlai carefully touch my hometown, to find those gifts left by time will touch the heart of the most soft place. Every time the old Changan ancient emperors, Xi’an has a history of 5000 years of civilization, 3100 years of history of the city, more than 1100 years of history, here is the starting point of the silk road. In 202 BC, Liu Bang established the Western Han Dynasty, its meaning from the local long Guanzhong, Anxiang, the name "Changan", which means "long period of stability". From the Sui and Tang Dynasties Yuwen Kai Daxing city planning, Xi’an has formed the city street network system board type, founder, straight and neat, and at the time of the Sui and Tang Changan city is the biggest city in the world, extreme prosperity; in 1369, General Xu Da Bing Feng Yuan Lu, Ming government that the change in Yuan Road in Xi’an prefecture. Ming Dynasty formed the pattern of today’s Xi’an, Xi’an’s name is also derived from the Ming dynasty. Xi’an bell tower in Xi’an 20 years ago is the bell tower as the core, the four corners of the world four streets radiating "cross eccentric structure". The four cross streets, namely, South Street, North Street, East Street and West Street, which together constitute the main axis of urban development in Xi’an. Into the city memory, the impression is very deep East street. The mother’s work in the west of the city, every weekend, we will take the 101 bus to visit grandmother, an hour’s drive by parents nicknamed "city" (because we live outside the city walls). Xi’an East Street, the grandmother in the east two road, grandma is in Jianlu, geographical location are located in the east of the old city of Xi’an. After entering the tram tower, East Street, people will obviously feel the streams of people busily coming and going, and are here to prosperity. "5 cents" off at the bell tower station, not for anything else, just for 5 cents a "small Naigao tower". From memory, I think 5 cents "expensive", to be seen as "reasonable", small Naigao price in a long period of time has not changed. Of course, it is the thick milk fragrance also did not change from the beginning to the end. "People’s livelihood department store" on the East Street clothing store is every old Xi’an people will visit the place. Metersbonwe, JEANSWEST and so on are produced in my school, my mother often go to is located in the East Main Street to the North] solution相关的主题文章: