Double eleven shopping spree SLR camera shopping guide

Double eleven shopping Carnival SLR camera selection guide the good friends online last week "Double Tenth a shopping spree without the anti camera selection guide" for everyone to recommend some anti camera double eleven concern. Today, we continue to recommend a few noteworthy SLR digital cameras. Although the mainstream of the market is no camera, but SLR camera is still a lot of photography enthusiasts love. Nikon D810 (quotation picture Forum) Nikon D810 digital SLR camera with a new FX format CMOS image sensor uses no optical low-pass filter design, equipped with a new digital image processor EXPEED 4, with a high resolution and image quality, effective pixels up to about 36 million 350 thousand, the standard sensitivity range from ISO 64 to ISO 12800. Click on the picture to view the details of Nikon D810 D810 using a new shutter assembly, designed to reduce the shock and time lag, improve the success rate of shooting clear photos. The new "electronic front curtain shutter function, AF system is greatly improved, the sequence mode in FX format to achieve about 5 seconds of the shooting, in the format of DX high-speed continuous shooting up to about 7 seconds. Click on the picture to view the details of the Nikon D810 D810 also uses the same focus on the D4S component, the new group of regional AF enhanced object detection and tracking. Support for small size RAW, 3.2 inches, about 1 million 230 thousand pixel LCD screen, CF + SDXC dual memory card, USB 3 data interface. D810 in the fuselage shell also uses a new mold, handle profile adjustment. Editorial: before D800E, D810 is actually removing the optical low-pass filter, which can play the 100% full strength of 36 million 350 thousand effective pixel CMOS. Product type: Nikon D810 (single body) reference price: 15299 yuan Nikon D7200 (data offer pictures Forum) Nikon D7200 while maintaining the overall performance of D7100, equipped with the latest autofocus system and a sequence of 100 images taken up performance, expanded the possibility and expression of photography. Also built in compatibility with the NFC Wi-Fi function, the user can immediately use a smart device after shooting through social media to share photos with people. Animation recording function has been improved and improved, including support for smooth exposure timing shooting function, as well as to strengthen the control of audio recording performance. Click on the picture to view Nikon D7200 details Nikon D7200 uses advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II AF sensor module to provide enhanced performance. 51 focus on the DX format can cover a wide range of images, 1.3× format is covering almost the entire screen, the central point of the cross focus sensor to improve the camera detection function of the. 51 pairs of focus can be under the f 5.6 aperture response, a central focus on the compatibility of F aperture, the use of a distance lens can also be obtained when the 8 yuan相关的主题文章: