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Double camera + snapdragon 830 HTC or 11 launch of the three version – [IT168] Sohu digital information HTC market this year despite mediocre performance, but is ready to launch more new machines in the future to seize the market. The day before, after the launch of the great God @evleaks broke the leak for the U.S. market new machine HTC Bolt rendering and sources on twitter for the first time disclosed relevant information HTC flagship, the aircraft allegedly codenamed "Ocean", will launch three versions, the internal code were Ocean monster. Ocean note and Ocean smart, but only a landing on the domestic market. Will push the three version of the fact that the next generation of the flagship HTC news from previous exposure on the network of a video, when many people think that the concept of HTC design. But now the latest news that the new HTC machine codenamed "Ocean" is actually the future flagship products, and in accordance with the well-known ROM developer @LlabTooFer is saying on twitter, the opportunity to launch three versions, the internal code were Ocean monster, Ocean note and Ocean smart. Although it is unclear for more information HTC Ocean the three version, but the well-known person broke @upleaks on micro-blog revealed: "the three project has been exposed, plans listed on the mainland, only a (later may change)". At the same time, @upleaks HTC also confirmed that the new machine will support this code of Ocean CNC function, but did not specify exactly which version will be available in the country. Support the edge of Ocean has been confirmed as the HTC touch HTC is the next generation flagship, so some of the characteristics of the machine, also revealed many traces in the video. First of all, the front of the machine does not seem to have any physical buttons, so there may be using ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, at the same time, there is news that the machine is not only the virtual keys no entity key, seems to be using a new touch pressing technology. Secondly, the machine also uses a frame design, and appear in the video "Sense Touch" is that it is possible to add a touch function with similar Nubian edge. In addition, HTC also added a dual camera for this flagship new machine, but the headset interface and power button design has changed. At the same time, in accordance with the snapdragon processor 830 users in Post Bar broke the news that HTC Ocean will continue to dual speakers boomsound design in the past, and supports Dolby hi-res sound, will increase the waterproof function IP68 grade. As for the hardware configuration is also equipped with 830 Xiaolong processor and has 6GB LPDDR4 and 32GB 64GB ufs2.0 flash memory, may have 5.2 inch and 5.5 inch touch screen two versions, support 2K resolution and the.相关的主题文章: