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Dongyu Zhou Nicholas Tse’s number one fan sister: three leave Feng brother Sina entertainment news recently, Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog] has been discovered in the "Twelve Feng taste" the recording of the third quarter. The same day, two people a standard cook dress, was assigned to the front restaurant kitchen to help. Dongyu Zhou said he has never been done before dinner, Ma Sichun also said that this is not good at doing live, two people are the first to do the kitchen, in the process also causes a lot of trouble almost". CP love to kill to the kitchen to help or "trouble" is in the form of CP girls play, but Dongyu Zhou refused to show full partner with Ma Sichun, "a combination of Ma Sichun’s performance is very flustered Tucao to two people face", an effort to find a chef in the kitchen in the shuttle Xie Lan "advanced" live, have a new task, immediately put two people work all pushed to Ma Sichun, and then throw it away. Two people love to kill also formed a kitchen "eye-catching" scenery. The incarnation of Dongyu Zhou personal fans sister Ma Sichun regardless of the image wantonly "steal" the kitchen during the whole Dongyu Zhou followed Nicholas Tse pace, has turned many super girl. Feng brother, this is how to get ah, Feng brother, this is the way it should be, Feng brother, this is to be placed here"…… Directly to the "the chef shouted a veteran in battle" Xie Meng, put out a life without love face. Ma Sichun’s work is not dry to a half, claimed their own "hungry", and then began to constantly in the kitchen eating food, fruit, cake, garnish…… Like a pair of "you are busy I want to eat" appearance, help is not much, eat a lot of things. A reproduction of image Nicholas Tse "criticism" Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Nicholas Tse has been to the strict requirements for the bee girl, also known as the "devil coach" title, and even the girls scolded by collective cry, rigorous attitude remarkable. This time, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun two people in the kitchen in the process was very panic, some dish, food processing is not satisfactory, Nicholas Tse patiently guide two people to operate at the same time, also criticized the way: "the knife is not careful, it is possible to hurt yourself." But after Nicholas Tse still said that the two as a new kitchen, the overall performance is pretty good. In the end this pair of girls CP in the front of the kitchen will taste what interesting story? Xie Dachu is how to resolve their difficulties? Everything will be on Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV [micro-blog], "Twelve Feng flavor" for you to announce.相关的主题文章: