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Do you want to hire a robot as an investment advisor? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Wenge in 2015 is the first year of China intelligent investment, then Chinese began to try to do the intelligent investment adviser startups are only about 5 copies of the American model. To the 2016 outbreak began, according to industry insiders disclosed domestic smart investment platform has been less than 30. Do you want to hire a robot as an investment advisor? Recently intelligent investment consulting (Robo-Advisor) concept is the fire, also known as the robot investment adviser. Benefit from the huge potential market of financial technology and artificial intelligence stack as well as the rapid development of global wealth management continues to grow in recent years, intelligent investment momentary fame, blue ocean competition, cited numerous heroes jingzheyao. According to AT Kearney report, in the next five years, intelligent management consulting wealth scale will have more than 100 fold increase in the number of start-up companies in this field over the past year in financing billion yuan level. Only from these data, you can feel how the fire intelligent investment adviser. So, we have to ask, in the new concept emerge in an endless stream today, intelligent care where the new, where opportunities, risks? Intelligent investment adviser (Robo-Advisor), is the online financial innovation in recent years in the United States, it uses artificial intelligence technology, the investment mode of scientific and effective mechanism, through the Internet to public investors, fundamentally subvert the traditional mode of financial service manual. According to the modern portfolio theory, investing in a large class of assets with low correlation, including stocks, bonds, hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate can spread the risk to get more stable returns. Yale University endowment fund in 90s began to use this model, withstood the test of the financial crisis for 08 years, has become the first choice for institutional investors in the world. The characteristics of intelligent investment has many assets, cross regional, low cost, rational, personalized, all-weather, automation. The core technology of smart investment in modern portfolio theory, investment strategy, quantitative investment and intelligent agent. Figure 1 the value chain, intelligent investment source: China Merchants Securities why intelligent investment field is a new blue ocean? The first potential global wealth management market is huge, according to BCG released the "2016 World Wealth Report", as of the end of 2015 the global personal financial assets investment amounted to US $168 trillion, is expected to 2020 will exceed $220 trillion. More eye-catching is that compared with other regions of the world, the growth of personal wealth in the Asia Pacific region is the fastest, more than two times the growth rate of North America’s wealth. Figure 2 global personal investment total financial assets (trillion) and growth rate (%) source: BCG "2016 World Wealth Report" page fifth although the wealth management market is huge, but the investment adviser industry stay coverage mode in the era of industrial economy service, can not make full use of digital technology to bring dividends. UBS, the world’s largest and most famous private wealth management agency, for example, it has 27相关的主题文章: