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Don’t ignore the child   medical society original title: don’t ignore the development of a new survey of child development in adolescent medicine medical Chinese Medical Doctor Association Specialized Committee nationwide, China’s generally ignored the adolescent sexual development, growth and development of psychological and behavioral health examination, which does not include sexual development in almost in the health examination, physical examination is no more involved, relevant departments should pay close attention to. Chinese Medical Doctor Association chairman Yu Hong introduced the adolescent medicine Specialized Committee, the "Chinese children healthy social survey from August 18, 2016 to 30, the society received 42404 questionnaires, the questionnaire has 24 items, consisting of radio and multi topic. Yu Hong said, including the developmental age of puberty and developmental process, developmental growth is + + psychological and behavioral development, but now China’s youth physical examination mostly contain only general physical examination content, on children’s development of three special no specific substantive help. Survey shows that our citizens on the age of puberty is 12 to 24 years of age, the lack of a correct understanding of scientific knowledge, only about 16.05% of respondents answered correctly, while the respondents believe that the age of 12 to the age of 18. The reason why puberty is 24 years old is because the adrenal cortex is the last one to complete the development of the organization after birth, usually around the age of 24 to complete, it is the synthesis of sex hormones involved in sexual development. According to the survey results, Beijing Children’s Hospital of adolescent medicine specialist director Yan Chunmei pointed out that the current children’s adolescence is advanced, but adolescent education is lagging behind, timely psychological education of adolescent children, to ensure their healthy growth. On Wang said, hope into the maternal and child health care system of health care in primary and secondary schools, to continue to complete the work of healthy children and adolescents. Our ultimate goal is to improve the physical health of children and adolescents, so that the physical examination system more scientific, more reliable results." (Zhang Yu, Li Jing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: