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Deyang Shifang Millennium red bean tree Poland man married Shifang bride scene of the last two days, spread a group of foreign guy in the red tree married Shifang pictures of the bride in the local WeChat, micro-blog circle. 26, the reporter learned that day in Shifang, shigu town Hongdou village a special wedding team, from Poland Thomas guy in Shifang married his bride Lei Qin, at the Millennium red bean tree witness, two people married. In fact, I do not agree with the beginning, after all, only one daughter, married so far away, I do not trust." Lei Qin’s mother, Ceng Zhaoxu, told reporters that as a tunnel of the rural people, at first she can not accept, but her daughter insisted on being with him, but also take them no way. Later, Thomas looked at her daughter’s life is good, love and care for her, Ceng Zhaoxu also gradually accept the foreign son-in-law". "You have to do as the Romans do, Chinese style wedding in Chinese!" According to the parents, the wedding will be located in their own homes. In the choice of wedding, wedding shop owner suggested that they can go to the local Red Village matchmaker a bye, a commitment to spend in the red bean under the tree. "We have heard of the red village, and I believe that our fate is doomed, I want to thank matchmaker." Lei Qin told reporters with a smile. Bridegroom Thomas was born in Poland, currently based in britain. I like Chinese culture very much. Three years ago, came to China to travel, so he never thought that in Chengdu harvest their love. He said to me that moment, I am particularly excited, the feeling of the heartbeat that I am sure this is the love I want." Lei Qin said. The morning of September 25th, Thomas dressed in red Chinese dress, chest with safflower, with their teacher came to town in a hotel carrying the bride Lei Qin at the sedan, a road and is very lively. Dressed in Chinese Hanfu, blond groom attracted people stop to watch. Many local people see this scene, have pulled out a mobile phone, kakaka kuangpai. A lot of people can not help but sigh, "now there are many wedding sedan chair, but foreigners can really see a sedan chair head." The procession came to the red village, in the lover’s bridge in the temple, matchmaker tree, red river, made a promise of love, left a precious photo. Lei Qin told reporters yesterday, this thing has been basically completed, and her husband Thomas recently departed, returned to england. Because the parents may have a few years advanced in age, will also consider returning to live, to take care of my parents. What images provide Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Mingping millet by the new client.相关的主题文章: