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Deric Wan responded "rub the red carpet" in the official invitation (Figure) – Beijing, Deric Wan micro-blog. In September 27,   twenty-fifth Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers 24 closing. Some entertainment critics questioned the stage spotlight new "Hong Kong star Deric Wan winner William Feng, and that it did not work to attend the closing ceremony of" rub the red carpet "too. Deric Wan 26 by micro-blog responded twice, "said people do day in perspective, the audience’s eyes". This afternoon, he again drying out the twenty-fifth China Film Festival official invitation letter, and said: "Facts speak louder than words". In fact, as a veteran actor, Deric Wan embarked on the film festival red carpet is not without work. As early as September 16th, he had sent a message in his micro-blog, displays the contents of a man and a number of "Thriller" Baiyun bridge set file played by Deric Wan in November 25th. The media reported that the film also invited to participate in this film festival, but Deric Wan has attended as guests of honor, so can’t walk and other creative of the movie a red carpet. Deric Wan micro-blog screenshot. It is understood that the "Baiyun bridge" is the only shortlisted for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival special screenings of Chinese thriller. The film is directed by Zhong Xuan, is known abroad as the parent version of "ghost", by Deric Wan, Zhong Xuan, Liu Yu, Li Zhuolin, Wang Xia? Starring. The film has appeared in the Busan Film Festival, Beijing Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, the film festival, and in November 25th this year, the national release set file. Domestic critics called it "a thriller in the blockbuster film coat of social ethics, aims to encourage young people to cherish life, a multi edge, not abortion, abortion is less, in the thriller rare and not to frighten the large conscience".相关的主题文章: