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Daimler Q3 profit growth of 10% to focus on the layout of Benz luxury cars according to earnings data released before the official day of Daimler group, the third quarter of this year, total sales of 754100 vehicles, compared with 720016 in the same period last year, sales rose 5%. Operating income grew 4% to reach Euro, EBIT EBIT rose by 10% last year, net profit of $2 billion 726 million, an increase of 13%. At the same time, Mercedes Benz accounted for the proportion of the largest proportion of the entire Daimler capital investment. Revenue earnings growth, net profit rose 13%2016 year third quarter, Daimler group achieved operating income of $38 billion 600 million, an increase of 37 billion 200 million euros last year, an increase of 4%. In the first three quarters, Daimler achieved operating income of $112 billion 300 million, compared with last year’s 109 billion euros, up by 3%. The third quarter, Daimler group hit 4 billion 37 million euros of EBIT (EBIT here as business profits), the third quarter of last year’s pretax profit of 3 billion 661 million euros this year, an increase of 10%; the first three quarters, the Daimler group reached 9 billion 443 million euros in total EBITDA of EBIT 10 billion 200 million in the same period last year fell 8% euros. Third quarter Daimler’s net profit of $2 billion 726 million in the third quarter of last year was $2 billion 415 million, an increase of 13% in the first quarter of, net profit of 6 billion 578 million euros, down. The business performance of production and sales and inventory, truck sales fell 24%2016 in the third quarter, the Daimler group all brands and business in the world has sales (the original Unit Sales, close to the wholesale sales concept) is 754100, compared to the same period last year to 720016 units, an increase of 5%. The group’s third highest quarterly record. The first three quarters, Daimler global cumulative sales reached 2119355, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 6%, an increase of 2076389. Mercedes – Benz car sales in the third quarter compared to last year, an increase of 11%, up to 565600. The Department’s operating income grew 12% to EUR 23 billion 300 million. Pre tax profit growth, up to 2 billion 746 million euros, new highs. Sales margin rose 11.8%, higher than the same period last year, 10.5%. SUV and the new version of the E class luxury car for Daimler’s third quarter growth to make a huge contribution. Among them, the third quarter, Mercedes Benz sales in China increased by 20%. Daimler truck operations in the third quarter of 2016, global sales of 97100 vehicles, down from last year’s 128500 vehicles plunged by 24%. Operating income fell to 7 billion 900 million euros from last year’s Euro of $9 billion 700 million; pre tax profit of $464 million, sales margin of 5.9%, lower than the same period last year of 8.2%. North American Free Trade Agreement, Turkey and the Middle East market demand decline led to the decline in truck sales. Mercedes Benz van (Van) business in 2016 global sales growth of 13%, up to 85200, the first quarter of the sales history of the three..相关的主题文章: