Couples holding two listed companies Yan earned 260 million down

Yan couple holding two listed companies "down" assets earned 260 million hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the can make you my Securities Times reporter Zhou Shaojie husband’s company restructuring difficulties you his wife’s company, generosity, Technology Holdings (600634) and Hondar mining (600532) recently played overseas assets on the back". HTC mining September 12th evening announcement, intends to sign a deal would Acer Shanghai equity investment 25% network science and technology limited company sold to technology holdings. The bail-out restructuring in less than three years, the technology holding announced today will reorganization into the divestiture, return the funds to enter the cultural and entertainment industries. At the end of June this year announced the suspension planning major events in July 13th holdings took out a restructuring plan, the proposed price of 2 billion 417 million yuan to transfer its holdings of 94.49% pile technology industry to the enterprise actual control of the company’s Shanghai Yi Peng Yan Jinggang stake. Technology Holdings 2015 performance decline, the decline in performance is the main cause of product sales decreased greatly, the concrete precast pile and pile in 2015 sales were 778 million yuan and 81 million yuan, compared with the previous year decreased by 56% and 75% respectively. The company semi annual report in 2016 showed that the first half of this year continues to decline. In this regard, the technology of controlling shareholders "bite plate", 2 billion 400 million yuan to buy 1 billion 700 million yuan into the original pile technology industry listed companies. Listed companies will peel off precast concrete pile related business, to retain industrial investment and housing rental business, the return of funds into the cultural and entertainment industries. Technology Holdings also revealed that the company in July 11th and Shanghai pintian venture investment partnership (limited partnership) signed the "purchase intention agreement", the company intends to acquire a controlling stake in investment holdings of macro investment goods field network. It is understood that the macro network core investment assets held by the Jagex gaming company has a 100% stake in the company, is the UK’s leading game developers and publishers, the main products for the RuneScape game, the game is well-known in Europe and a high degree of customer groups throughout the United States, Britain, Canada and other areas of the game game player. 2015, the company achieved revenue of $88 million 96 thousand, net profit of $38 million 650 thousand, which accounted for 64.6% of revenue, profitability is very strong. In addition, Jagex game company is currently being launched RuneScape (Battler RPG) mobile games and RuneScape NEXT, Chronic CCG, such as the derivation of a new game. On the back coincidentally, in July 2nd this year, Hondar mining announced the completion of overseas investment matters, the company shares of the company Acer investment network has completed the subject of the company’s acquisition of British Jagex games. Equity registration is completed, the macro network investment together hold 100% stake in the company of British Jagex games, koron相关的主题文章: