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Network-Marketing Often, the source of corporate greed is found in the most unlikely of places. For example, with regards to governmental regulations; For example, in the United States, where basically every department which oversees corporations, have individuals, also known as lobbyists, working to protect the special interests of both theirs and other similar corporations. Although, while there has been some mention of a plan to control same under the current administration, there is still more work to be done in order to over.e and regulate such corporate greed. With the recent government ruling in the United States that corporations have the same inherit right as individuals, a Supreme Court decision with which many citizens as well as the overall administration disagree, the door has left been wide open for even more abuse in this area, especially in America but also world wide. This is because along with elections which can now be easily bought and sold through a variety of unlimited contributions, corporations can often spend more in the way of campaigns than can help individuals. Therefore, while individuals can still donate to a variety of elections and campaigns, it is the large corporation with the money that is going to have the most influence when it .es election day. One of the hardest hit areas with regards to corporate greed has effected a number of employees across the board, from those beginning work at such a corporation to those retiring from one. This is because many corporations often find reasons to lay-off workers the nearer one gets to retirement age. Whereas others, hire new employees on a set salary, yet require their attention twenty-four seven in some regards, or simply require individuals to work overtime without receiving additional pay for same. Of course, as individuals agree to payment arrangements at the time of accepting a position, one never knows the depths that such greed can reach, until it has been hours if not days before one returns home to family and friends. For, while some of these salaried jobs pay a great deal of money and can justify some overtime and travel; others in which individuals are only making a salary slightly over minimum wage, are being used in this regard. By using such employees in this fashion, the corporation can pocket more profits rather than pay an individual a fair wage for the work that one is doing, especially if the position involves being on-call or requires the individual to travel, either during the day, or on business trips which may or may not be paid for by such a corporation. Such practices are found in corporations of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, as corporate greed does not discriminate. This is because not only does corporate greed impact retiring individuals who suddenly have no avenue to retirement in.e or individuals just starting who are only trying to make ends meet, the impact continues to trickle down through society at large. Thus, leading to local store closures and other such events when a .munity begins to feel the effect of corporate greed on the citizenry of such an area. While many corporations are ran on corporate greed, there are other good corporations and non-profit businesses with which one can do business and feel secure. Although, one must be able to research such corporations and non-profits in order to find both employment and investment opportunities. However, with regards to the greening of the planet going on today, one has the best chance possible to obtain both in the current marketplace. Last but not least, this excessive issue with corporate greed runs across many corporate platforms which is awakening many an entrepreneur to start their own home-based business, or at the very least work from home where possible. However, working at home is only good if one is working for someone other than one of the many greedy corporations which exist today. For, many of these corporations are so greedy not only do they hire direct employees at rates much lower than others doing the same work, there are also those that have moved offshore to avoid paying taxes to federal governments. An issue that has also be.e prevalent over the last several years in the United States as well as a few other countries. Therefore, such corporations, especially those based out of the U. S. Which only exist to gain as much as possible through the work of others working at wages, often equating to less than minimum wage, are no doubt the greediest of all. Although, corporate greed is a problem all around the world, recently the United States has seen these issues multiply, especially with regards to retirees being laid off, others being hired at low wages and people being insured by such corporations for a great deal of money without their knowledge. Therefore, whether one is looking for employment or investment opportunities, one need be sure and watch for such poor business practices. Because if one is going to associate oneself with a .pany, one wants to assure the best investment or working relationship possible. A reality which can not be achieved while working with, or investing in, any corporation where corporate greed overrides the needs of the employees or investors in same. So, how can one help make this a reality? A good way to do so, is to highlight the .panies which promote such poor business practices. In doing so, individuals can bring these greedy corporate practices to the attention of the local chamber of .merce, the .munity and a better business bureau. In addition, one can also avoid shopping or using any greedy corporations doing business by doing business and shopping only at locally owned and operated businesses where possible. Although, while one definitely need be cautious with corporations, not all corporations are bad, there are many good businesses and corporations with which one can also do business. To this end, the best way to protect oneself is to check with the local better business bureau, labor bureau or other similar organizations in the area to see if there have been any .plaints filed. If so, one may want to avoid doing business, otherwise one can feel more secure in moving forward with whatever business transactions are ongoing at the time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: