Comments property prices to return to Canada to control the learning point the day and await for it

Comments: property prices to return to Canada to control the learning point the day and await for it U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the original title: all kinds of effective measures to regulate and control the market for the property market Canada can track from Canada and other countries in Europe and the United States has always been the regulation of the property market, if coupled with the real estate tax and inheritance transfer tax, gift tax, then the price will return to a reasonable point the day and await for it is. In October 4th, while China people enjoy the National Day holiday time, the Canadian federal treasurer Bill · Monet held a press conference in Ottawa, according to the Canadian market has announced two new measures: first, the bank will tighten mortgage amount; secondly, modified since the first set of vulnerabilities tax-free sale of housing appreciation. This is the government of Vancouver in August 2nd, to 15% of overseas buyers to increase the transfer of property tax, and the next year after the introduction of vacant tax, but also a new deal to combat real. Monet specifically stressed that: the sale of housing value-added tax is not part of this is a loophole, the government to block the buyer abuse of tax loopholes……" So as to reduce foreign capital into the real estate market, so that prices rational regression. For a long time, Canada has a tax loophole, has been used by tenants. The owner of the sale of housing only if the name of a set of housing, can be declared as from the housing, and the profits from the housing income is deductible (Canadian residents and foreign buyers can return from the housing). It is only when the non – primary (not self – Housing) is sold that it has to pay the capital gains tax (only 50%). Therefore, some foreign speculators frequent short-term trading houses, and reporting from the housing tax evasion at a profit. In accordance with the provisions of the Canadian tax law, in the world, can only be designated as a self occupied residential housing. If you are a Canadian resident, but also in line with the above conditions, but if you have a property in another country, once the report is tax evasion. At the same time, the Canadian Finance Minister Monet announced that from now on all housing mortgage loans, must undergo a "stress test" to ensure that borrowers have the ability to repay the loan at a higher rate. In fact, banks to tighten the loan limit, but also for the local home buyers, residents do not want to build high debt. As the economy approaches the edge of recession, Canada’s 2014~2015 debt to GDP ratio has climbed to 89.1%, close to the potential danger of 90%. While the Canadian people debt ratio (debt and income ratio), far more than the international warning line of 145%, has reached 168%, the income of 1 yuan in 1.68 yuan, compared to the United States before the subprime crisis was 147.2%, higher than 20%. In fact, Canada’s economic growth has been affected by debt, the next few years, will be a serious threat to the debt crisis and the recession. Therefore, the federal government is studying in Canada, hoping to share the risk of lending institutions. That is to say, the Canadian government in addition to the income of 15% property transfer tax to overseas buyers, then the introduction of vacant tax; then by real estate speculators Cong for tax evasion.相关的主题文章: