Chinese total iron EMU smoking will be banned for life by is a new network –

Chinese total iron: "EMU smoking will be banned for life by" is a new network in Beijing in September 29th – misinformation legal network news reporter Liang Shibin reported that the latest China railway company regulations on smoking in the EMU passengers, will be the purchase of EMU ticket, found recidivism will be forbidden by life emu. Some netizens questioned. To this end, Legal Daily reporter learned from the China Railway Corporation, has not introduced such provisions. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that recently, a passenger on a high-speed EMU secretly smoking, resulting in EMU accident stop. According to the railway safety regulations seventy-seventh, the provisions of article ninety-fifth, the smoking passengers were transferred to the station police station, and be fined and other penalties. Reported that, according to the provisions of the new Chinese railway company, smoking in the EMU train passengers punished by public security organs according to law, unless holding my ID card to the nearest railway customer service center signed a pledge not to make, will be included in the "blacklist" and restrictions on the purchase of the country trips EMU ticket, once found recidivism will be banned for life by train. On this matter, the Legal Daily reporter went to the railway company specializing in understanding. According to the relevant person in charge of the railway company, smoking in EMU, is strictly prohibited. However, according to the report "will be blacklisted and restrictions on the purchase of the trips EMU ticket, once again will be banned for life by train", the company has not issued such regulations. The railway sector stressed that the National Day golden week will come, a large number of passengers will take a train to travel, while EMU trains throughout the region ban smoking. Once the smoking situation occurs, the light will cause the train to slow down operation, heavy traffic safety is dangerous. Hope that the majority of passengers strictly abide by the railway safety management regulations, safe travel.相关的主题文章: