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Chinese eye primary goal actually non alien civilization FAST experts secret – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Chinese "eye in the sky". Qiannan Beijing, November 6, September this year, known as the 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope Chinese "eye" (FAST) in Guizhou. Among them, FAST looking for extraterrestrial target is remarkable. Looking for extraterrestrial civilization is the main task of FAST? What is the role of the FAST? Recently, two experts gave the answer. FAST General Engineer Wang Qiming said that in the scientific goals of FAST, including "really looking for extraterrestrial civilization", "but this is not our goal in the forefront". "The goal is to look for the pulsar." He said. Reporters noted that the Pingtang International Astronomical Museum introduces the pulsar. Museum information shows that the pulsar is a fast rotation of the neutron star, it is able to transmit strict periodic pulse signal. The observation of pulsar is not only of great physical significance, but also has important application value. It has an important application prospect in time scale, deep space autonomous navigation and so on. Why do you want a pulsar? Wang Qiming said the pulsar will continue to send out a pulse signal, and this signal is very stable. "Can be found in the future can be applied to deep space exploration, interstellar travel, can play a role in navigation." For example, he said, "if you want to go to Mars, or out of the solar system, even out of the Milky Way, simply can not use GPS on earth to navigation, but if you can know a lot of pulsars position in the universe, you can to locate and navigate through it." He also pointed out that the precise positioning of space and space can not be separated from the radio telescope. "If we launch a spacecraft to Mars spacecraft, in the process of walking septum for a period of time to send a pulse signal to come back, we China" eye in the sky ‘will be able to receive the signal, to determine its position, whether on the right track." In addition, Guizhou University School of physics professor, deputy director of the National Academy of Sciences Observatory – Guizhou University Joint Research Center for astronomy, Zhang Zhibin also told reporters that the human built laboratory on the ground, high temperature and high pressure strong magnetic field is difficult to achieve, and the pulse star experimental conditions are extreme, it also has a very important significance to the human understanding of some physical phenomena under extreme conditions". Deputy director of the National Astronomical Observatory, deputy manager of FAST engineering Zheng Xiaonian said in an interview, in addition to the observation of pulsar, Chinese "eye" another major scientific goal is "inspection of neutral hydrogen in the universe". He pointed out that this can study the universe of large-scale physics, to explore the origin and evolution of the universe".相关的主题文章: