China stealth drone body stunning debut designed for playing the Air Force Military Channel f22- Soh-fkzww

Chinese stealth drone Mami stunning debut: designed for playing F22- Sohu Air Force Military Channel page first: Chinese stealth drone body appearance [click the picture to the next page] "sky" type -20 drone. The 2016 held in Beijing Sixth China UAV conference, specializing in the development of high speed UAV and UAV Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics is brought with a fifth generation stealth fighter f -31 looks very similar to the UAV — the "sky" according to Professor -20, director of the State Key Laboratory of Southern UAV Huang Daqing introduced, it is the first specifically targeting the fifth generation fighter air defense intercept drone demand high performance. -20: "the sky" is a bit smaller than the head of the drone about f -31 "development intention sky" -20, director Huang Daqing said, the world has three countries in development 5 fifth generation fighter, fighter combat from now has officially entered the era of stealth. Prior to the fourth generation of non stealth fighter aircraft and air defense systems, has been unable to keep up with the needs of the fight against the fifth generation fighter. Domestic manufacturers and military air defense weapons development, there is demand for air defense systems to develop specialized fifth generation stealth aircraft and radar, and the fifth generation fighter engine expensive and rare for the development and test of air defense system, it is very uneconomical. The specialized imitation of fifth generation fighter "sky" -20 high performance drone came into being. This exhibition of "sky" -20 UAV, is actually 1 more than 2 models, the captain 9.83 meters, with a wingspan of 7.3 meters, a takeoff weight of 4800~5500 kg, while the real machine model than twice as large, only slightly smaller than the size of F -31. Imitation of the fifth generation fighter as "sky" since -20 to imitate the fifth generation fighter, it must be in stealth, mobility, infrared properties and electromagnetic radiation characteristics of comprehensive and F-22 typical fifth generation fighter par index. First speed and altitude, the "sky" -20 the maximum flight speed of 2200 km an hour (Maher number 1.8), ceiling of 18000 meters, not only with the five generation prototype machine, and far beyond the current target of all the domestic. According to Huang Daqing director, "the sky" to install a -20 active WP-13 engine, to achieve supersonic flight without difficulty. Although it is impossible to carry out supersonic cruise, but in the target segment (for air defense system test flight segment) can be maintained for a long period of supersonic state, can simulate the performance of F-22 supersonic cruise. Look at stealth, "sky" -20 five generation machine with integrated stealth design, look smooth in appearance, according to China Southern Airlines UAV Research Institute Vice President Pei Jinhua introduced, the radar RCS is only 0.001~0.003, and F-22 is smaller than F-35 two orders of magnitude, it is extremely stealth. At present, the RCS test model -20 sky "(that is, this exhibition of 1 to 2 scale model) have been tested, Huang said the full size RCS test will have to perform a real machine. In addition, the "sky" in -20.相关的主题文章: