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China letter insured cumulative $2 trillion and 700 billion to deal with the risk of overseas investment Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the country risk analysis report "conference held in 2016" China Export and Credit Insurance Corp, China Export and Credit Insurance Corp chairman Wang Yi introduced, as at the end of August, the cumulative China credit insurance underwriting amount of $2 trillion and 700 billion, the overall business scale and scale are among the major types of international credit and Investment Insurers (Berne Association) members of the first. According to reports, China Trust cumulative payment of damages of $8 billion 910 million, with the cooperation of the 236 banks, a total of more than 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan to support corporate finance. China’s export credit insurance business continues to expand, on the one hand, with the growth of foreign trade business, on the other hand is also associated with increased risk of overseas investment is positively correlated. In order to enhance the awareness of overseas investment risk of foreign trade enterprises, China Trust issued 12 consecutive years of risk analysis report. 2016 "country risk analysis report" released the world’s 192 sovereign countries reference country risk rating and sovereign credit risk rating and rating report, the sovereign credit risk rating for China ECIC released for the first time. "Country risk analysis report" selected 62 and China’s political and economic relations closely, has strong regional representative focus country, the evaluation index model as a guide, from the "political risk, economic risk, business risk and legal risk" four dimensions of the country risk of all-round, multi-level and meticulous in-depth analysis. The report shows that the reference country risk rating 15 country raised (risk level down), including Iran, Cyprus, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Monaco, Norway, Argentina, Columbia, Cuba, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast, Sultan; 13 China (lowered country risk levels rise), including Kampuchea, Lebanon, Burma Dominic, Turkmenistan, Denmark, Guyana, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Papua, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, new guinea. Effect of 13 downgrades in which mainly include the international oil prices remain low in oil exporting countries is growing, the world climate warming and extreme weather makes part of the small and medium-sized countries suffer losses due to natural disasters such as the increase of. Overall, the global risk reflects the following characteristics: the geopolitical crisis continues to spread, the world economy has shown signs of "differentiation" and "weak recovery trend, influence, the volatility of commodity prices on the international trade of multinational economic situation is not optimistic. Among them, the government default and non-traditional security risks become the main risk of overseas investment. According to reports, the risk analysis report in the premise of fully grasp the global and Chinese overseas investment trend, 8 regions, 38 countries and 11 industries of overseas investment China enterprises and government focused on the risk of default and non traditional security risk of the two types of investment risks of multi dimension and multi-level research and, with both相关的主题文章: