China citizens holding minors pornographic information entry to Canada to be repatriated chompoo araya

China citizens holding adult pornography Immigration Canada repatriated to the original title: the Embassy in Canada China confirmed to citizens for underage pornographic information being repatriated [global network Roundup] according to the Embassy in Canada in February 15th China website news, recently, there are China citizens in Immigration Canada, due to personal computer or mobile phone are minors pornographic pictures and video is the airport law enforcement officers found and directly repatriated; also China brigade and after their entry was found to be prosecuted, detained in similar situations. The party to understand Canadian law, relevant personnel all production, dissemination, sale, possession, browsing involving minors pornographic pictures, videos, articles, audio and other information, once verified, will be depending on the seriousness of the case was sentenced to 6 months to 14 years in prison; unless the relevant information solely for legitimate purposes related to judicial, scientific, medical, education, art. China Embassy in Canada to remind the brigade and Chinese citizens, before leaving with a detailed understanding of the laws and regulations, civilized and law-abiding, not in the mobile phone, computer, Ipad, optical disk, mobile hard disk and other storage media download, storage of minors pornographic information; such as the receipt of the above information sent by others, please feel free to delete, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble or damage to itself. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

中国公民持未成人色情信息入境加拿大被遣返   原标题:中国驻加使馆证实有公民因持未成年人色情信息被遣返   【环球网综合报道】据中国驻加拿大使馆网站2月15日消息,近来,有中国公民在入境加拿大时,因个人手机或电脑存有未成年人色情图片、视频等而被机场执法人员查出并直接遣返回国;亦有旅加中国公民入境后被查出类似情形而被起诉、关押。   经向加方了解,加拿大法律规定,凡制作、传播、售卖、持有、浏览涉及未成年人的色情图片、视频、文章、录音等信息的相关人员,一经查实,将视情节轻重被判处6个月至14年的监禁;除非相关资料纯粹用于与司法、科学、医疗、教育、艺术有关的合法目的。   中国驻加拿大使馆特别提醒旅加中国公民,出境前详细了解加法律法规,文明守法,切勿在手机、电脑、Ipad、光盘、移动硬盘等存储介质下载、存储未成年人色情信息;如收到他人发送的上述信息,请随时删除,以免给自身带来不必要的麻烦或损失。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: