Chengdu held a blind Zhongjiang International Festival cousin. (Photos) –

Chengdu held a "blind" Zhongjiang International Festival "cousin". (Photos) – Beijing "Zhongjiang cousin" performed Sichuan news network Chengdu on October 13th news (reporter Alvarez photo) for the upcoming October 15th "international day of the blind", the thirty-third session of the Sichuan province and Chengdu City, the international blind Festival held in Chengdu today. In "dream on the road by the song?" as the theme, the scene shows Sichuan especially Chengdu blind artistic talent and unremitting self-improvement spirit, inspire include blind, common people dream. Blind singer sing this year "international day of the blind" is the theme of "focus on people’s livelihood, create a shared a blind man". According to statistics, China’s annual increase of about 450 thousand of the blind, low vision of about 1 million 350 thousand, that is, about every minute there will be a total of 1 blind, 3 patients with low vision. Blind artist solo performances today ushered in the hundreds of blind friends to actively participate in the activities, to show the form. A musical ensemble, balloon show, life skills show, musical instrument solo, talk shows and other performances, most performers for the blind. The comedian Ba "people familiar with the Zhongjiang cousin King Wen also came to the scene on stage, singing songs for the blind and talk show. Activities, the love of the enterprise and the unit also presented a small gift to the blind, and Blind Association donated love products and supplies. Eye, blind friends live show life skills in the field, Sichuan West will promote the Social Work Service Center Deputy Director Su Lei initiative give blind love, for example, such as dining and blind friends, should take the initiative to inform the table or after what dishes, such as filled with sharp spines, bones and other food. We should pay more attention to remind the blind. When walking on the road to meet the blind, take the initiative to introduce them to the road, the scene." Su Lei said, perhaps for the blind people can do just some things not worth mentioning, but for the blind, but like a ray of sunshine, a handful of spring. Hundreds of people attended the scene to participate in activities, we respect the disabled, that is, respect for themselves and respect for life." Su Lei said that it is the first part of the people to bear the pain of disability, to promote the modern human society in medicine, genetics, labor security, traffic management and other aspects of the material and spiritual civilization. Therefore, more respect for the disabled, but also a moral responsibility." Su Lei said.相关的主题文章: